Do not edit! Yoshi Kart 2 is a 2046 game, Made by Nintendo and developed by Hal Labatory. It can be played on Wii U and the Nintendo NX.



Mr Clock



Baby Yoshi

Birdo (Unlockable)

Mario (Unlockable)

Ellie (Unlockable)

Donkey Kong (Unlockable)

Luma (Unlockable)


  1. Yoshi Cup: Yoshi Area, Pineapple Way, Super Hall, Koopa's Cove.
  2. Mr Clock Cup: Mr Clock's Clock, Boo Boo Garden, Shy Guy Village, Link Hideaway.
  3. Toad Cup: Toad's Mall, Holi Fest, Edgemont Road, Baby School.
  4. Toadette Cup: Mushroom Garden, Gold Rainbow, Dragon Castle, Spooky Book Store.
  5. Crown Cup: Koopa Cape, Music Park, Cloudtop Cruise, Baby Park.
  6. Mini Egg Cup: Wario's Gold Mine, Peach Beach, Dino Dino Jungle, Sweet Sweet Canon.
  7. Banana Cup: Cheep Cheep Beach, Cheese Land, Dount Plains 2, Bone Dry Dunes.
  8. Birdo Egg Cup: DS Rainbow Road, Toad Circut, Mushroom Gorse, Mute City.


Crown: Inculdes all the items expect the Birdo Egg.

Birdo Egg: Makes all the Birdos small.

Banana: Can be trow to the first player, And will move to last place.

Mini Egg: Makes all the players small.

Bomb: Can be shoot only to the person in last place.

Super Glow Star: Makes every player glow.

Big Mushroom: Can make everyone huge.

Transform: All players will be transformed for 10 seconds as the player you are playing with.

Tanooki Shell: Can make every player dress up as Tanooki.

Leaf: Kinda like a Blooper, But pour leaves to every player in after your place.

Egg Blooper: A blooper comes out to every player (Including You) to let it spit out eggs from it's butt.

Battle Areas

Sherbert Rink

Big Dount

Funky Stadium

Yoshi's Safari Park

Mario's Crash Corse

Peach Woods

Level Icons

Cups 8-5 their icons.

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