White Kirby is the main character in The Air Ride Series. White Kirby competes in the city trial matches with the other

File:White kirby-0.jpg

Kirbies. (Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink, Green, Brown, and Purple.) However, Blue always decides to snatch a Hydra Piece from him, which pisses off White more than anything. Along with the other 6 Kirbies, and a bunch of other people, like Dyna Blade, Ridley, Mewtwo, Foxy, Fawful, and plenty more, this causes a boatload of drama in the series.

White is generally a good air rider, collecting patches and cracking jokes for the other kirbys. He doesn't mind when the others get a patch, unless he is trying to get said patch.


  • Red Kirby
  • Purple Kirby
  • Lucario Sinnoh
  • Kirby


  • Yellow Kirby
  • Green Kirby
  • Brown Kirby
  • Pink Kirby
  • The Shadow Star


  • Blue Kirby
  • Dyna Blade



  • White was actually going to be Brown. But was changed.
  • White is a 3rd party character in the Green Kirby Air Ride comic series, appearing in a few comics.

External Links

White Kirby-White Kirby on the Poyo Ride wiki.

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