We are not permitted to put such terribly deprived and sexual content of Waluigi and males on this wiki. Waluigi alone already is pushing the border.
this Articel is gud
we sussup--avrpoped it so dont fukc it up kthxlolbaiy

Said game involves Waluigi unable to get any girls so he decides that sexy time with males is the only way he can be happy. The box art depicts Waluigi in just his suspenders and a pole.

This game is rated AO, although it should be rated OFSF (Only For Sick Fucks).


The story involves Waluigi unable to get a date from a girl and thus he decides that having sexy time with males is the only way.

This is quite possibly the most disturbing image that a Mario game at the time could give off.

There is no other part of the story. Any indication that there is a ending is false and if it was, it has been deprived from the game to keep the rating from going any lower than it needs to be.


If you are still reading at this point, you are one sick fuck. Are you actaully intrested in seeing Waluigi have sexy time with males?

Characters involve Wario, Hot Dog, and Luigi.

None of them are really willing.


All copies of the game were shipped out from Japan on August 26, 2005. Half of them came back August 27th.

There is a holiday where people burn the game and whack a Waluigi pinata. Most people aim for the crotch.

Everyone working on the game left and vomited, while Lubba kept his whip cracking. They later put Lubba in SMG2 as revenge.

It is known to be worse than the Atari ET game.

It is so bad that very little people know about it. In fact, the only reason your reading this is becuase the president has given us clearance.

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