Hello. Yesterday I helped blackmail UMG to quit wikia as revenge for the Mario 2124 incident. In return Arend should tell me about the programs he downloaded so I can help him recover deleted data from UMFW and SSWFW since I was crats on both.

I got my family members coming to my high school graduation on Saturday in on the plan. I told a promiscuous girl in my grade that I will agree to have sex with her if she shows up at UMG's house later that day impersonating Degenerator and talking to him about a plan to blackmail Fantendo to have Arend cooperate with him and to unblock her.

While UMG was distracted talking to the girl, me and several family members snuck around the corner and ran into the open front door. We found the metal container containing his iPhone and iPad and we told UMG to unlock the container and take his electronics out or we will take the container with the electronics. He therefore took his electronics out and we took the container.

Without a container to protect his electronics he therefore was forced to surrender under threat of getting his electronics destroyed. Later that night the girl left her window to her room open so I could sneak into her room and I had sex for the first time in my life.

As I said earlier, as a reward for finally defeating the annoying UMG, Arend should cooperate in restoring the data. Keep in mind that it was UMG not me sockpuppeting and bothering Arend and Craptendo for the vast majority of the time.

This is only my fifth account on wikia which is minuscule compared to UMG's 100+ socks. The only time I impersonated someone else was when I made the Arend's younger brother account(which got renamed to UTG 3) but that was done to trick UMG on SSWFW.

Other reasons why Arend should cooperate is because I graduated high school with A's in all my classes except for a B+ in English, I did a mature step into adulthood by having sex for the first time, and because I have a grand plan to make animated YouTube videos involving Nintendo Fanon.

The youtube videos are based on real events that happened in the Mushroom Kingdom and on a parallel Earth that split from this Earth in December 2012 due to the Many World's interpretation in Quantum Mechanics. The chance of Planet X passing by Earth in 2012 created two outcomes forming this universe where it did not and another universe where it did and impacted the world.

I traveled between universes and used the Force to merge both of my parallel selves into one. In the other universe, Planet X impacted the world severely and then some Mario characters traveled to that Earth. On that Earth, in 2012 and in 2013, the Fantendo users Arend, Locky, Sorastitch(later Exotoro), Cobweb, SonicWiki, and MarioLuigi54321(later Lumoshi) were involved in major adventures forming a group called the Fantendavengers. If they want they can send voice recordings for their characters in the videos.

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