I have great news that can convince Arend to agree to agree to get wikia to restore UMFW. Yesterday the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. They won against overwhelming odds as they were loosing to the Atlanta Falcons in the 3rd quarter at a score of 28 to 3. However towards the end of the 3rd quarter they got a touchdown that got them at a score of 28 to 9 and in the fourth quarter they tied the game at 28 to 28 and got a touchdown in overtime that made them win at a score of 34 to 28.

They made a record of the best Super Bowl comeback. You might wonder how they did it. It is because of me and my family members. When they were losing the game we never gave up hope and we meditated using the powers of the Force to influence the patriots players to use their full strength and comeback and win. The fact that they won shows that the Force is strong in the Harrison family.

Since we helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl, I deserve to have the wiki I created UMFW restored. If Arend refuses to the other crats here should force him to do so since my family did a huge favor to the Patriots. This is a great historical moment as Tom Brady now made a record of being the first quarterback to win 5 Super Bowls and the Patriots made a record of making the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and being the first team in the NFL to win 5 Super Bowls.

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