Hello users of Craptendo. I have a good reason why Arend should be forced to cooperate in restoring deleted data from UMFW and SSWFW. I contacted Arend on Ultimate Fanon Wiki before it merged with another wiki and warned him about shippers in fandoms, how hostile they can be. I tried to convince him that I will take out any shippers if he will help me get the deleted data back. However, he kept ignoring my message.

Then I looked over his Tumblr and FanFiction.Net accounts and discovered he's a shipper himself. Most appallingly, he prefers ships such as Timmy×Trixie from the Fairly OddParents and Milo×Amanda from Milo Murphy's Law.

The former is EXTREMELY abusive: Trixie is a plain nut in this one episode from Season 4 where they were the only two beings on Earth, and she tried to kill him like a psychopath. And before you say anything about it being the only episode where Trixie goes crazy, the couple is abusive anyway. Trixie is extremely shallow and throws Timmy away everytime he tries to woo her. And Timmy just takes it. Does that sound healthy to you? To me, it does NOT. He should've shipped Timmy×Tootie, which is canon according to the Fairly OddMovie trilogy anyway (a classic trilogy. I recommend watching it!)

The latter is less bad, but it's obvious from the few Milo Murphy's Law episodes there are, Milo×Amanda will never work out. Amanda likes to keep everything under control and freaks out at every imperfect thing; Milo is the essence of chaos. There's only two episodes around that seem to lean on this ship, but there's much more episodes around that may support Milo×Melissa and Milo×Zack.

You should be morally DISGUSTED with Arend for shipping Timmy×Trixie and Milo×Amanda, and force him to not only ship the pairings I prefer, but also do my bidding forever, just because he's a filthy shipper.

PS: Master Mummy's butt is tinier than my extremely microscopic ego

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