OK, so we recently got three UMG socks with contradicting things:

  • Ultimate Broccoli Gamer, aka UMG prime that wanted to appeal to us by becoming the BroccoMaster™ in order to get promoted (failing to see we were just fooling around him). Claims to be 17 years old, claims UTG to be his cousin.
  • Ultimate Toad Gamer 3, the third UTG sock. Claims UMG is really an adult and came from Ireland ten years ago without knowing how to spell English (because that's totes legit!!1)
  • Ferlor1999, who tried to threaten AgentMuffin to cooperate with him. Pretends to be another sockpuppeteer, Ferlor99, and claims to be UMG's son (wait what).

Okay, so we all know that they're all the same guy, but aside from "family relation" and stuff, they do have one other thing in common: their ultimate goal. The entire reason why UMG keeps bothering us recently.

They all want the Super Star Wars Fanon wiki back, which Wikia took away from them. And they want us to help them.

I still find it weird that, within 24 hours after I put UMG's deleted-from-Fantendo Star Wars article on his wiki (the sole reason why he kept bothering us before), the Wiki got removed by Wikia, while it took for the predecessor, the UMFW, three year to get such a thing. However, there's no concrete evidence that UMG or his socks deliberately requested for the wiki to be removed, so for now, we go to the more logical conclusion.

Now UMG, unfortunately, we will not help you retrieve your wiki back, and I'll tell you exactly why:

First and foremost, it's really annoying how you keep crawling back to us, expecting us to help you get back your wiki as if we owe you something.

But the harsh reality is, WE DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING.

Before the closing, I gave you exactly what I "owed" you for (even if you didn't deserve it), and that was the only thing you asked. Sure, you can argue that it's thanks to the CSS fuckups, the wiki closed down. But first, it was only AgentMuffin who changed the CSS, second, a Wikia staff member removed the CSS edits anyway, and third, if the messages UTG got are to be believed, the wiki got closed down for more than just the CSS edits.

UTG told somewhere that we should help them because I brought the article back, assuring a "peace deal". However, I brought the article back so UMG wouldn't bother me anymore, since that's all he asked for, after all. I don't remember anything about making a deal with UMG to continue supporting him or something. In fact, he said he wouldn't bother me again if I gave him what he asked for. I did, and I received the opposite of what UMG promised.

So yeah, we don't feel responsible for the closure of your wiki and we don't feel like helping you getting it back.

Second of all, even if we wanted to help you get it back, I'm pretty sure it'll be a lost cause.

Because, it appears that Wikia itself refuses to revive the wiki too.

It's very rare for Wikia to close down a wiki. Usually, they don't see a reason why they should close it down. Their policy allows duplicate wikis to exist. they only close wikis that are abandoned, or in such utter chaos that cannot crawl back to sanity.

The SSWFW falls into the latter category.

There's inactive/lethargic admins all over the place that did no administration whatsoever. There's only 22 articles that cover M-rated games only, and only half of them Star Wars-related. Drama and arguing everywhere, and none of them about Star Wars. Essentially, it's exactly like the UMFW, only it got bad enough to not even last a full year.

If UTG, dedicated to get the SSWFW back, couldn't get it due to his low edit count of seven, and none of it even attempting to clean up, why would enlisting help from us make a difference? All I did was being slung into UMG's arguments (nothing productive), and Muffin fucked up with the CSS. Actual vandalism. I don't think Wikia would believe Muffin wants the wiki back considering his record on that same wiki.

So it seems to me that Wikia doesn't want the wiki to be up ever again, and I don't think requests from us would convince them by much either.

So, UMG, now that you know why we won't help your cause, can you please shoo now?

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