Following the recent influx of sockpuppets seeking haven on this wiki, I have taken it upon myself to update the block reasons and make them more organized and specific. The new dropdown has four main sections:

  • Double-infringements: Reasons that fall under multiple other categories are sorted here.
  • Fandom Terms of Use: This section includes many major infringements of the Fandom Terms of Use, for behavior that might be more worthy of a global block.
  • Fantendo rules: The rules under this section parallel themes throughout the Fantendo rules, as suggested by Athena Hawkins in her blog on the rules this wiki should follow, for behavior that might be more worthy of a local block.
  • Known sockpuppeters: A list of sockpuppeters will be useful for quickly tagging a sockpuppeter who frequents Fantendo or Craptendo as they are blocked.

The individual reasons are mostly self-explanatory. I did my best to word them as succinctly as would be acceptable. Hopefully this update comes in handy—or more hopefully yet, we won't have to use it. We can dream.

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