This was originally made on Fantendo as a joke to make fun of something.

Urinten is the mascot of Invertendo. He is Unten, who was reborn after drowning in a toilet.


He is a alcoholic, and a bad one. He usually stumbles around drunk, with the something named Farnti on his scarf, who is also a alcoholic. He is very dumb, and faints even when nothing happens. He willingly jumped off a cliff, only to be saved by a toilet. When he runs, he falls down. always. He is rude, very. .this like talks also He He likes to smoke weed everyday.


Urinten is yellow recolor. He drips pee. He also has a fabulous moustache. The shit on his scarf is actually farnti



Hate eachother. Unten shocked him for singing ".go it teL" In Fissure 420, he is the final boss.


Slams the door on Kirby because Waluigi.


Don't know eachother, but Farnti is stuck on Urinten


Fissure 420

He is the main antagonist in Fissure 420. He became a villain when unten saw him and died. He summons a ton of BEEEPS and BLEEPS to BLEEP


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