undumbtale is gaem that i persnly enjoi :>

if u diunt liek it = permaban >:P))))


in gaym u plae as character were u costumize tit sjize and ur naem. thts it. then u fal into bil cosby sex dungeon full of pudn popz an bbq sauce. u walk into rum and ur greted by smal bil cosby, he said "wud u like a pudn pop" and then he said "jk, IN THS WERLD ITS FUCKD ER GET FUCKD"

u wer about to b penetrated but some ugly fuq savd u. he say:;: "im bigboi36. cum wit me KWIK!!1!"

big boi wuz a pron adickt. he liekd watcn it........................1

big boi show u puzle and said "stae her, im gona get pornnnnnnnnnnnnnnnonoonnonnononononnnoonnononnonnonononononononononono. if u encountr akneeone, just arouse them and then they leave u aloen :)

dONT do penetrate!!!!1111!!1!111!11111!1!1"

of corse u dont lissen u horny teenager fuck. fgvbhjlk

so u walk around and she cals u:;; "which porn iz betr)1: 69 or han job.!!?"

u say han job an hang uiop



big boi gives u han job andn sans writes fanfic about it

the end


"i got off on it 6.9/10"


"not enuf gay. 80/10"

-gaym informere

ok if u disliek gaem i wil write fan fic about u?

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