The Land of United Creatures(U.C) was formed during the Mushroom Planet Renaissance Era. King Frog V of Frogland after many wars took over other other neighboring countries on the Island of Creatures which were Shy Guy Land, the Mouse Kingdom and The Birdo Kingdom. He got complete control over the whole Island.

The Rise of the U.C Empire

Over a period of hundreds of year his royal descendants  successfully conquered every nation on the Mushroom Planet that they knew of except for Subcon(which was the only country that had an army powerful enough to fight the U.C army. The U.C became a humungous empire. In 1900 King Wart I claimed the land that would eventually become the Mushroom Colonies as territory of the U.C empire. It was at it's peak from 1963 to 1976 after they won the war against Subcon and took it over. 

The Fall of the U.C Empire

First the Mushrooms declared independence. Then after the Mushroom Revolutionary War the U.C Government lost a lot of money spending for the army. The other conquered nations took advantage of the army's weakness and started to have their own revolutionary wars. From 1982 to 1988 brand new nations like Sarrasaland, Grass Land, Desert Hill, Sea Side, Giant Land, Sky World, and many more nations formed. Finally in 1988 the last conquered land Subcon won independence when Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad defeated Wart III. Today the U.C territory is ruled by King Wart IV and he only rules the Island of Creatures. But he is planning to take over more lands


The Government is an absolute monarchy ruled by the same frog dynasty for thousands of years(even back before Frogland conquered the other nations).


The economy is very well. It is very industrial. They export food and other products to DarkLand.


Dark Land and Dark Land 2

The U.C exports goods too them.


==Subcon== The U.C and Subcon had tensions and conflicts for hundreds of years.

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