Piso Mojado, Dirtbags!!
Trip, before blasting the villains to oblivion

Trip is a Subspace Spawn (though he's not happy about it) and a freedom fighter. 

Current Age 16, 17, 18 (appearance), 500 (chronologically)
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Subspace Spawn
Living Town Mushroom Kingdom
Class Rebel
Main Weapon(s) Subspace Powers,

Subspace Obliteration Cannon

Main Element(s) Matter/Antimatter mix
Vulnerable to Matter/Antimatter Charges
First Appearance The Prince of Subspace
Latest Appearance Mario Kart: Ultimate Racing
Current Status(es) good
Main Ability/ies Standard Subspace God Abilities:

Chains of Light, Flight, Off Waves, Shadow Bug Manipulation (though he doesn't like using it).

Affiliation(s) Tabuu (Sworn Enemy)

Samus (Secret Crush) R.O.B. (Best Friend) Midna (Secret Crush) Morton Koopa Sr (Sworn Enemy) Rosalina (Secret Crush) E-100 Alpha (Best Friend)

Alias(es) The Trophy Master,

Subspace Prince (by Samus, when she gets angry). "Thorn in my side!", by Morton Sr.

Relative(s) Tabuu (Father)

Mother (unknown)


Born of a union between Tabuu and a currently unknown woman, Trip quickly learned his father's identity and immediately rejected him; he has since been aiding heroes in efforts to foil his father's plots.






One thing that surprised most trophy beings is Trip's handsome appearance: he had short blond hair, pulled back over one eye like Rosalina, and deep purple eyes. He often sported a light blue hoodie with pointed sleeves that go up to the wrist; he also was fond of his deep red jeans, as his mother's eyes were "a surprisingly deep red," as he once mentioned.

After his breakup with Rosalina, he changed his look entirely, his hair becoming unusually shaggy. His hoodie is now colored chromish-silver, with jeans of a deep ocean-blue. He now openly wears the Subspace Symbol on a headband/crown with a purple diamond in the center, which also helps him channel his powers.


He has forged many relationships with much of the worlds of Nintendo, despite his heritage constantly dampering most of them.


  • Luigi. He often spends far more time with Luigi, viewing him as the better brother.
  • Bowser Jr. They often pull the best pranks together.
  • Chunky Kong. Chunky often feels secure when Trip's around.
  • Captain Falcon. They are often spotted playing cards.
  • Snake. He thinks the way Snake hides is weak.
  • Noxus. He thinks Noxus has a good head on his shoulders, since he had no selfish motive for obtianing the Omega Cannon.
  • The original E-100 series robots. He rebuilt them after discovering their dismantled remains in Eggman's Lab.
    • E-100 Alpha. He constructed "the original E-series robot" from the dismantled remains of the other E-series robots in Eggman's lab.
    • E-106 Eta. He rebuilt Eta after discovering his dismantled remains in Eggman's Lab.
  • Mewtwo. Despite their differences, they get along well.
  • Pauline. She and Trip have managed to be good friends, though she has secretly hoped for something more.
  • Snake. He thinks the way Snake hides is weak.
  • Noxus. He thinks Noxus has a good head on his shoulders, since he had no selfish motive for obtianing the Omega Cannon.
  • The Nintendo Princesses. He saved their hides on more than one occasion, when their regular heroes were out of town at the time.


  • Tabuu. Don't need to explain this one, do I?
  • Morton Koopa Sr. He and Morton, Sr, have a long enmity between them. It started when Morton and Trip were babies; they were good friends, until Morton stole Trip's bottle of banana-flavored milk (which Trip loves). Morton refused to give it back; Trip then screamed so loud it caused Morton to lose all his hair; since Morty loved his hair, he hated Trip ever since.
  • Petey Piranha. He views this overgrown weed as a pathetic waste of space.
  • Ganondorf. He HATES the Gerudo King. Emphasis on hate.
  • Pigma Dengar. Trip's hatred towards the greedy swine is shown when, before blasting Pigma out of the sky, he says "This little piggy is going straight to the slaughterhouse!!!"

Love Interests:

  • Samus Aran. He thinks of her as a strong, yet somewhat sensitive, woman that the world needs. He also admires that she "doesn't wait around for someone else to save her. [She's] the one doing the saving." Soon after revealing this, he slowly learns he is falling for her.
  • Midna. Her true form astonished Trip, who developed a secret crush on her; he also has a similar background to her, since they were both royalty unknown 'til a certain moment in their lives, plus their races were despised until a certain event took place. Eventually, he worked up the nerve to tell her how he felt. To his surprise, she loved him back. They then embarked on one of the strongest romances in the Fantendo multiverse.
  • Rosalina. Her beauty astonished Trip, who developed a secret crush on her; During the Prince of Subspace Saga, they became even closer. Later on, Rosalina would break up with him, ironically for Waluigi.
  • Pauline. After Rosalina broke it off with him, Trip finally came to term with his long supressed feelings for Pauline.



Super Smash Bros. series:

He is a heavily equipped, heavy-damaging, element wielding pummeler, as his various smash attacks unleash elemental (fire, ice, electricity, or darkness), but a little hard to knock back (like Melee's Giga Bowser). He can be easily launched above the 75% mark, though.


  • B: Light and Dark Blasters. Fires an Arrow-shaped pulse from a weapon similar to Fox's Blasters, but like Metroid Prime 2, it fires either the Dark Beam (darkness), or the Light Beam (electricity).
  • Smash B: Subspace Drifter. Trip summons his ride, the Subspace Drifter, and rushes to the side. Unlike Wario's Bike, however, it would explode if it hit a wall, with Trip jumping out like Captain Falcon after his Falcon Dive attack. It can also be used as an air recovery, since it converts into a starship.
  • Up B: Chain of Light. Uses a Chain of Light similar to Zero Suit Samus' Plasma Wire or Ivysaur's Vine Whip.
  • Down B: Specter Projection. Sends forth two sillouhetes to his left and right in a somewhat-weak defensive manuver.
  • Final Smash: Subspace Obliteration Cannon. He forms armor from his Drifter and uses his Subspace Cannon to rend space around characters, filling them with damage, but not launching them; he then unleashes a powerful surge of energy that finishes off the damaged characters.


Tell ME I don't know anything about treachery! Hmph!
Trip, telling the villains off after betraying them to the heroes
YEAH!!! I'm a double agent! I am SO getting a medal for THIS!!!
Trip, after betraying the villains to the heroes
We did have a lot of fun then, didn't we? And look at us now. Stronger than we were then.
Trip to Rosalina, recalling the events of the Prince of Subspace Saga.


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