Trip the Portal Master (Reboot 2)
Current Age Late Teens
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Portal Master
Ethnicity Fantendonian Portal Master
Class Mage
Main Weapon(s) Traptanium Staff
Main Element(s) Portal
Affiliation(s) Skylanders (Secondary Leader; Guide)
Alias(es) The unknown Portal Master (by Skylanders), Marty Stu (by Fantendo)
Relative(s) None
I just realized that ALL of my friends are idiots!

Trip, or the Portal Master as he is referred to, is the secondary leader of the Skylanders and a standard mage. 


This new remake of the unfortunate Trip gives him a much less important role this time around, as he lives a lonely hermit existance on a undisclosed mountain range somewhere on the edge of the Fantendoverse. His place is where many injured or tired Skylanders go to rest and recover, as he can only help them for a brief period of time by placing his Traptanium Staff in his special portal and Booming to Skylands for exactly 3 minutes (which isn't a lot of time in certain perspectives).

Smashing In:


Still Tripping:



Standard Portal Master Powers:

Like many Portal Masters, he has the basic powers of transporting Skylanders and others into Skylands via a special Portal of Power, given to him by his mentor, Master Eon, as well as the new ability of using crystal traps to imprison escaped villains; he can use his powers to swap the tops and bottoms of the SWAP force, and he can assist Skylanders by booming in magic items to assist them or unlock new levels when they get bored with exploring past levels.


Like all Skylanders, he can boom in by inserting his Traptanium-constructed staff into his Portal, then blasting to Skylands to assist them for three minutes. His attacks are pretty powerful, but he doesn't have much time to use them: he can only blast in 3 minutes at a time, and he can only transport once every hour.

Here are his basic attacks:

Staff Strike Whacks foes with his solid Traptanium Staff.
Cripple Spell Sends out a whirlwind in front of him that holds three results: enemies either turn to stone, slow down, or are defeated.
Corruption Field Any enemies caught within this attack are instantly Trip's mindless minions. Works great with Chompy Boomblossoms!

He has a slow rate of fire with each of them (about 1 shot every 7 seconds), but can use them fast enough to keep enemies at bay.


Gah!! My leg!!

Look, I'm not taking anything for granted; he said the immediate family and a few close friends! Who could be closer than me? I live next door!


  • He is originally based on the Marty Sue "Trip the Portal Master," who was deleted due to being strongly overpowered and disliked by much of Fantendo.
  • He is the only heroic Skylanders character with a set time limit in the game.
  • He originally belonged to an order of 10 Protege Portal Masters, each one representing a different element, himself being of the Dark Element and wielding a Traptanium Execution Blade.
    • When Kaos destroyed the Core of Light prior to Spyro's Adventure, this launched Trip and the other 9 out of Skylands, with Trip being the only one to return and face Kaos.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Alpha, whenever Trip picks up an Metal Box, instead of being coated with metal, he becomes coated in crystalline Traptanium.

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