Current Age Late Teens
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Portal Master
Class Skylander
Main Weapon(s) Traptanium Execution Blades
Main Element(s) 25px Dark
Voice Actor(s) Nolan North
Don't expect me to show mercy!

Trip is an Elite Portal Master Skylander and the first of 10.


Back before the Core of Light was destroyed, Eon trained several replacement Portal Masters in the event that he should be destroyed. Out of the multitudes of candidates, 10 different Portal Masters made the cut:

Before he sliced a hole in evil as the Dark element Elite Portal Master, Trip was once the best executioner in Skylands, with by far one of the stupidest names; because of this, not one of the Trolls took him seriously; in fact, one splinter group of Trolls, lead by the Earth villain Exo-Shaker (a troll driving a Troll Stomper M5), attempted to capture Trip and take him down a peg. But the Trolls gravely underestimated him; his execution blades were powerful and effecient enough to cut through all the mechs and tanks they had ready, and this crushing defeat and retreat ruined Exo-Shaker's reputation. This drove Trip to seek out Eon and try out for the Elite Portal Masters, so no-one would have to undergo Troll oppression. He didn't get to revel in the idea of scaring Trolls long -- soon after, Kaos destroyed the Core of Light and blasted him from Skylands.


Trip has lots of views on his other teammates, but due to his pessimistic nature, it usually focuses on their negative qualities.


Trip believes that Melissa's unbelievable vanity will get a lot of people into trouble, as it was the reason she got blasted from Skylands.


Mort's obsession of bones often irritates Trip, as the executioner will often get himself shoved out of the way by the gravedigger for a measly tooth (which is also a bone).

(Others coming soon)

Powers & Upgrades

Basic Upgrades
Soul Edge Path
Soul Caliber Path
Soul Gem Ability


  • Trip's upgrade paths are named after the swords from the Soul Caliber series.

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