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Origin of the Koopas

A millennium before the Mushroom Revolutionary War and the Bowser Crisis, the koopas lived in clans on the planet Cblong. However, the Cblong people came and drove them out of their land. The Koopas escaped to the Mushroom World via Warp Pipe, where they settled.

The Mushroom Revolutionary War

From 1975 to 1981 the Mushroom Colonies had a revolutionary war against The U.C Empire because they were fed up with the taxes. This marked the founding of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Bowser Crisis

Two years before Yoshi Touch and Go, newborn Baby Bowser's kind were all killed by the Mushroom gods, except for himself. A Magikoopa named Kamek found Bowser and took him to his castle on Yoshi's Island, where he grew up to become King of the Koopas.

Yoshi Touch and Go

Mario and Luigi were born one day in 1983. They were mythical babies from Star Haven. A stork was delivering them to their parents. But Kamek had a vision that they will bring doom to Bowser and the Koopas in the future. So he attacked the stork and Baby Mario fell on Yoshi a bunch of times. Yoshi managed to find the stork. He wondered who was this baby and why Kamek was trying to kidnap him.

Yoshi's Island

The next morning Kamek decided to kidnap the stork too so it can't make the delivery. However Yoshi and his friends decided to protect baby Mario and got into a battle with Baby Bowser. After that Baby Luigi and the stork were saved. Mario and Luigi's parents were worried about why the stork hadn't come yet. Then the stork finally made his delivery.

Yoshi's Island DS

One year later Baby Wario, Baby Waluigi, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Peach, and Baby Daisy were born. They were all star children. Bowser decided to travel back in time to steal the star powers from the babies (even his past self) so he could conquer the universe. The Yoshi clan helped the babies however baby Bowser betrayed them at the end. The future part takes place soon after Super Yoshi Clan but before Bowser re met Mario

Mario and Luigi Partners in Time Past Part

When the Mario Bros were 2 and Peach was 1 they came to visit her. After Bowser made his first attempt to kidnap Princess Peach the Shroobs invaded. They teamed up with their future selves to defeat the shroobs. The future portion of the game takes place just after the events of Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga.

Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty

A day after deafeating the shroobs Bowser traveled back in time again. He decided he could dominate the Mushroom Kingdom back in time so the Mario Brother wouldn't get in the way of his plans. However many of the babies teamed up to defeat Bowser. During the final battle even Baby Bowser(Bowser's past self) jumped in and helped defeat his future self. After that Mario and Luigi's parents decided that the Mushroom Kingdom was too dangerous so they moved to Brooklyn New York. Mario and Luigi remembered some of the events in the Mushroom Kingdom but thought "Maybe those were just weird dreams we had when we were babies and toddlers."

Yoshi's Story

One day in 1994 13 year old teen Bowser decided to get revenge on the Yoshi's for helping the babies 11 years prior. He stole the Super Happy Tree and turned Yoshi's Island into a story book. However he was defeated by several baby Yoshi's which were the sons of the Yoshi's who saved the Baby Mario's and the stork.

Donkey Kong Circus

In 2001 Mario who was 18 at the time decided to skip college and become a carpenter. He also decided to do a circus show making his pet ape Cranky Kong(who was the original Donkey Kong) juggle objects. Cranky didn't like one bit.

Donkey Kong

After that day Cranky Kong had it! He was tired of being abused by his owner. So he decided to capture Mario's girlfriend Pauline and take her too the top of a construction site. However Mario rescued her and Cranky banged his head.

Donkey Kong Jr

After that Mario and his clone(that was shown at the beginning of the game) trapped Cranky in a cage. However his son Donkey Kong Jr who was 17 at the time (and the same ape as Baby Donkey Kong) decided to rescue his father who was captured by Mario's dad when he was 1 year old. Dk Jr finally rescued his dad and they ran off back to DK island. Mario decided to quit his job as a carpenter and attended Medical School for a year.

Dr. Mario

In 2002 Mario who was now 19 became a doctor. Most people become Doctors after attending many years of Medical School but since he did so well on the tests and stuff he graduated very early. When hearing about a plague he haphazardly tossed a bunch of pills into a container which was a warp zone to the Mushroom Kingdom. He didn't even know where they went. After that clumsy action his boss fired him thus making him have to find another job.

Super Smash Bros

After Mario gets fired he participates in a fighting tournament with Link, Star Fox, Pikachu, Donkey Kong Jr., Samus, and Kirby.

Wrecking Crew

In 2003 Mario decided to become a wrecking crew worker with his brother Luigi who already had that job for 2 years. They smashed stuff and had a mini adventure that involved an evil foreman.

Tetris Attack

Meanwhile back on Yoshi's island 20 year old adult Bowser and his old guardian Kamek brainwashed Yoshi's friends as an attempt to not only get revenge but to dominate the island. However Yoshi defeated him and undid the spell.

Yoshi Topsy Turvy

A week later Bowser made his second attempt to conquer Yoshi's island. He was defeated again.

Super Yoshi Clan

Later in 2003 Bowser made his 3rd attempt to conquer Yoshi's island. The Yoshi Clan travel on a journey to rescue Chief Yoshi from Bowser(who built a new castle in the Valley of Bowser).

Mario Vs Donkey Kong

In 2004 Mario decided to advertise Mini Mario Toys. 20 year old Donkey Kong Jr got annoyed that they were sold out so he stole the mini Mario toys and kidnapped 3 toads who for some reason escaped to Brooklyn. Mario at that time thought they were kids with funny mushroom hats. Mario saved the mini Mario toys and the 3 toads from Donkey Kong Jr. Mario then scolds DK Jr for causing trouble but seeing that Donkey Kong Jr felt guilty so Mario gave him a mini Mario Toy.

Super Mario Bros Super Show Plumbers Academy Backstory

Later in 2004 Mario and Luigi got fed up with their wrecking crew boss. Then they found their true calling Plumbing. When they were younger they watched shows like the adventures of mighty plumber and fixed clogged toilets as community service projects. To become master plumbers they decided to attend Plumbers Academy. However their instructor Sargent Koopaman who was really King Koopa in disquise to prevent Plumbers in New York to graduate. You see he wanted to conquer Earth. He ordered his Koopa Pack to invade Brooklyn's sewers. He wanted no Plumber to stop them. So he made it nearly impossible to pass. Even the Mario Brothers flunked because they were forced to put something together without screws. However after saving not only a street but Presedent George W Bush from a major flood after Sargent Koopaman clogged up a drain with concrete they went to the white house and the Mario Brothers were rewarded with a plunger. They became official master plumbers.

Super Mario Bros Super Show Cartoon Opening Part 1

As plumbers Mario and Luigi were working on a drain on someones apartment in Brooklyn. Then a warp zone widened the pipe and the got sucked down the drain.

Mario Bros

After they got sucked down the drain they ended up in the sewers and fought off a type of Koopa Troopa called Shellcreepers and Crabs that were invading the sewers. They worked for King Koopa and were helping him on his plot to conquer Earth.

Punch Ball Mario Bros

Mario and Luigi find a punchball to knock out King Koopa's army.

Mario Clash

Mario and Luigi enter the clash towers where the battles get intence.

Super Mario Bros Super Show Cartoon Opening Part 2

Mario and Luigi fell down another pipe after emerging from the clash towers. Meanwhile King Koopa and his Pack cornered Princess Toadstool and Toad on the edge of a cliff. He was about to kidnap them but then the Mario Bros come barreling out of a big pipe and knock the Koopa Troopas out of the way. Then King Koopa jumped off a cliff. Princess Toadstool explained that the Mario Brothers were legendary heroes of the Mushroom Prophecies and explained that a year ago the Koopa Tribes turned the Toads into stones and bricks with magic wands. They also turned the Mushroom King into a dog. And that King Koopa and Bowser are out to kidnap her and toad. Mario and Luigi thought "So our memories of a wizard and a dinosaur are not dreams after all."

Super Mario Bros

Then Bowser came and kidnapped Princess Peach. The Mario Brothers decided to go on an adventure to rescue her. They also rescue Toad and 6 other Mushroom Retainer servants of Peach.

Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels

A week later Bowser decided to invade and kidnap Peach again this time making it harder for the Mario Brothers. However he was still defeated.

Super Mario Bros 2

After their long tiring second journey the Mario Bros fall asleep and had a dream about Subcon. A voice asked them to help save the land from being invaded by King Wart III of The U.C Empire who took over the land by using a dream machine to produce monsters. The next day they talked with Princess Peach and Toad about it. They all had the same dream. Then they found a door that lead to Subcon. They used vegetables to choke Wart. Wart was finally dead. After that the King of Subcon conquered the U.C Empire.

The Super Mario Bros Super Show

After Wart died his minions became minions of King Koopa. King Koopa had many alter egos and costumes. He made many attempts to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Smash Bros Melee

The Mario Characters join in a fighting tournament with other Nintendo Characters like characters from the Pokémon (series), Kirby (series), Metroid (series), The Legend of Zhelda(series) and Star Fox (series).

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Twice. This time new characters like King Dedede and Snake join.

Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

In 2006 Mario, Luigi, and Wario get invited to Peach's Castle for some cake. Bowser decided to kidnap them ahead of time so they can't rescue Peach. However Yoshi saved them and they all defeated Bowser. Peach baked them all a cake and gave Mario his own land to rule. She then banished Bowser and the Koopa Troop to DarkLand.

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars

Now Bowser was the king of his own kingdom and he had had his own castle. A robotic monster named Smithy who lead a gang called the Smithy Gang invade the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario with the help of Geno, Mallow, Princess Peach, and Bowser defeat Smithy.

Super Mario Kart

A week after Super Mario RPG the Mario characters get into their first racing tournament.

Mario Kart 64

Another week later the Mario characters get in their second racing tournament.

Super Princess Peach

Anotherweek later Bowser kidnapped the Mario Brothers ahead of time again. Princess Peach decided to save them. Using Perry they were rescued. The reason Bowser wanted to destroy Peach was because this took place before Bowser started to have a crush on her.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Another week later an evil witch from the BeanBean Kingdom named Cackleta with her assistant Fawful attempts to conquer Bean Bean Kingdom|Bean Bean Kingdom by stealing Princess Peach's voice and replacing it with explosives. She possesses Bowser which forms Bowletta. Mario also met the koopalings who were seven illegitimate children of King Koopa and Cackleta. Cackleta had custody of them at the time and sent them into battle. Their time to fight has come as quoted in the game. When they fought Bowletta she was defeated and finally killed. While she was lying there dying her last words to the koopalings were "Go cough see your father. He lives in Darkland. Follow the map and you'll find him." Then she died.

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (present day)

Another week later the Mario Brothers travelled back in time and met up with their past toddler selves to defeat the Shroobs.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Fawful returns a week later. He sells blorb Mushroom's to the Mushroom Kingdom giving them the blorb desease. Then he makes a clone of Bowser called Dark Bowser. The Mario Brothers who got sucked inside Bowser's body help Bowser defeat Dark Bowser.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3

The koopalings followed the map and travelled to Koopa Castle. King Koopa had no choice but to raise his 7 illegimate kids. With the help of his 7 mischievous bratty children he attempts many times to conquer not only the Mushroom Kingdom but the Mushroom World. In some episodes he even tries to conquer the real world. However the Mario Bros stop him.

Super Mario Bros 3

After many humiliating defeats in the Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3, Koopa and Bowser form an alliance for the first time. Instead of getting a real world criminal to teach his kids how to cause crime he decided to use a Koopa Criminal. The famous almighty King Bowser Koopa of DarkLand. king Koopa offered over 9000 million coins plus a half of the Mushroom Kingdom. They came up with a sneaky plan that was more complex than any previous one they had. King Koopa's 7 kids each took over one of the 7 countries on the Mushroom Continent that neighbored the Mushroom Kingdom and turn their rightful kings into animals. The Kings were all friends with Princess Peach so she asked Mario and Luigi to save them. While the Mario Bros were doing their biggest adventure yet, Bowser kidnapped Peach. The Mario Bros then had to travel to Dark Land to rescue Peach.

Super Mario World Cartoon

King Koopa and his kids get banished to Dinosaur Land. There he tried to conquer the whole area. When Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach get there the cave people in Dome City plea for help. King Koopa made 13 attempts to conquer Dino Land which included Yoshi's island. Luigi met and adopted Yoshi III. They also met a child named Oogtar and Kamek's father Wizardhiemer.

Super Mario World

After failing 13 times King Koopa calls on Bowser. Bowser traps the Yoshi's in eggs and the cave people got scared, sailed away, and never returned. The Koopalings each conquer one of the territories in Dinosaur Land except for the youngest Larry Koopa who got a castle in the Valley of Bowser. The reason was that he was still getting taught by Bowser how to trap a Yoshi in an egg. Shortly after this crisis, King Yoshi the 7th was elected as king of Dinosaur Land.

Super Mario Land

Another week later an evil alien named Tatanga kidnapped Princess Daisy in an attempt to conquer Sarrasaland. He also tried to brainwash the citizens. Peach asked Mario to rescue her friend. Mario finally defeated Tatanga but throughout his adventure he was worried that Bowser might kidnap Peach while he was gone.

Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins

While Mario was in Sarrasaland, Wario who was jealous Peach didn't give him a land conquered Mario Land, brainwashed the citizens and renamed it "Wario Land". He even took over Mario's castle. After a big battle Mario defeated Wario and un brainwashed the citizens. Wario was banished.

Mario and Wario

A week after Wario was banished he tried to take over again. He put buckets on the citizen's heads and brainwashed them. This time he had his own castle. Mario defeated him again.

Super Mario Land 3 The Bad Influence

Another week later Luigi who heard about Wario trying to take over Mario Land twice influenced him into being jealous that Peach gave Mario a land and not him. So he cloned himself and ordered them to invade Mario Land. They kicked Mario out of his own castle and used a catapult to launch him to the other side of his land. Mario goes on a journey through 8 worlds and finally got back to his castle. He battles Luigi and defeats him. Luigi felt guilty and apologized and Mario forgave him and split his kingdom into two for Luigi to have a land called Luigi Land. He finally could return to the Mushroom Kingdom. He was worried that Bowser kidnapped Peach during the 4 weeks he have been gone. But it turned out that during that time Bowser met a girlfriend named Clawdia Koopa and they got married. Mario sighed in relief.

Super Princess Peach Wii

While Mario was fighting Luigi Bowser commands Kamek to kidnap Perry's grandfather as bait to get Perry. He didn't want Perry to help Princess Peach in Super Princess Peach. However Peach helps perry defeat Kamek.

Paper Mario

A day after the final boss of Super Princess Peach Wii, Bowser was impressed by how Princess Peach actually put up a fight. He actually fell in love with her which got Clawdia angry so she divorced him while she was pregnant with Bowser Jr.. Bowser attempted to steal the star rod with the help of Kammy Koopa. He used it to wish evil stuff like Princess Peach to like him. Mario with the help of Goombario defeated Bowser.

Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door

A week later Princess Peach wanders off and gets kidnapped by someone called Template:Mariowiki. Then the Shadow Queen gets released and possesses Peach. Mario saves her and scolds her for running off like that.

Super Paper Mario

Another week later Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser team up to defeat Count Bleck who created a void that would destroy all worlds. However after defeating him Dimentio betrays him and then the four heroes defeat Dimentio.

Yoshi's Safari

Another week later Bowser decided to conquer Jewerly Land with the help of the Koopalings. He was going to use it to test his future plan to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. He thought that Mario wouldn't get involved since it is not the Mushroom Kingdom or any other country of the Mushroom Continent. But it turned out that Prince Pine and Princess Peach were friends. So Peach asked Mario and Yoshi to save their kingdom. Bowser was deafeated.

Hotel Mario

Another week later Mario and Luigi got invited on a picnic with Princess Peach. But then Bowser writes a letter to the Mario Brothers. It says "Dear Pesky Plumbers, The Koopalings and I have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. The Princess is now a pernament guest in one of my seven Koopa Hotels. I dare you to find her if you can. Sincerely King Bowser Koopa. PS: Bwa ha ha ha!!" Mario and Luigi search through the seven koopa hotels where they defeat the koopalings. Iggy Koopa didn't get his own hotel as a punishment for accidentally knocking Bowser's cup of coffee over. However he wore a Bowser mask in Bowser's Hotel.

Mario is Missing

Another week later Bowser and the Koopalings traveled through a warp pipe from the Mushroom Planet to Earth and wreak havoc. They steal artifacts. In fact they make giant hairdryers to melt Antarctica and flood the Earth. Bowser kidnapped Mario and said "If you let me conquer the Mushroom Kingdom i'll spare the Earth". Luckily Luigi rescued Mario.

New Super Mario Bros Wii 2

Another week later Bowser kidnaps Peach again. Mario and Luigi with the help of their cousins Maria and Louie fight their way through 12 worlds and defeat Bowser again.

New Super Mario Bros 2

Another week later Bowser attempts to kidnap Princess Peach again. He decides to use the help his students the Koopalings. With the Koopa Clown Car they swoop down and kidnap her. Mario and Luigi go on a quest to save her.

Mario Party 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, DS and Advance

The Mushroom Kingdom had 9 parties over the next 9 weeks. Bowser with several look-a-like minions called the Koopa Kids try to mess up the parties in an attempt to steal presents and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Paper Mario 2 The Wrath of the Ztars

The year was 2007. It has been months since Bowser invaded and kidnapped Peach. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and the Toads knew he was planning something huge. The Security in Peach's Castle and Toad Town got extra high. Bowser was planning something big. He and the Koopalings stole the Ztars from Ztarland and used them to invade the Mushroom Kingdom. The destruction they caused with the Ztars was nothing the toads ever seen before. However Lord Ztar was furious that the inanimate Ztars that were rightfully his were stolen. He and his army went on a mad hunt for the Ztars. They slaughtered everyone in sight(including Clawdia Koopa) and broke into Bowser's Castle. After Bowser and the Koopalings were wounded badly they were near death until Kamek and Kammy Koopa came in and did a magic spell to heal them from their wounds. Kamek also saved Bowser Jr (who was and infant at the time). Lord Ztar uses the Ztars to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, the Koopalings, Kamek, and Kammy all go on an adventure to save Princess Peach from Lord Ztar. While Kamella stays at Bowser's castle to babysit baby Bowser Jr.

Super Mario Sunshine

It was the summer of 2009. 2 years passed and ever since the events of Super Paper Mario 2 the Reign of the Ztars Bowser hasn't invaded the Mushroom Kingdom. The reason was because since Clawdia died in the previous adventure, Bowser was raising Bowser Jr.. Now that his son was 2 years old he decided to kidnap Peach. Mario, Princess Peach, and Toadsworth were going on a vacation to Isle Delfino. Bowser decided to go there too. He lied to his Toddler Son that Princess Peach was his mother. Bowser Jr believed it and used his Mario Mask to Warp into a form called Shadow Mario and framed Mario by vandalizing the island with a magic paintbrush. Bowser hoped that the islanders would imprison Mario. However all they did was make him clean the island. Mario with the help of Fluddcleanedthe island and rescued Peach from Bowser and Jr. Bowser Jr was determined to fight that Mario again but Bowser said "For now lets just rest awhile".

Mario Kart Double Dash

A week later the Mushroom Kingdom gets in their third racing tournament. While "resting" Bowser joined the tournament. His son Bowser Jr joined the racing tournament too.

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

Another week later the Mushroom Kingdom gets in a golf game. Bowser, Bowser Jr, and II Pianissimo who disguised as Shadow Mario join while "resting".

Mario Power Tennis

Another week later the Mushroom Kingdom gets in a tennis tournament. Bowser and Bowser Jr join while "resting".

Mario Kart DS

Another week later The Mushroom Kingdom gets in their fourth racing tournament. Bowser and Bowser Jr join while "resting".

New Super Mario Bros

Another week later Bowser attempted to get back into villain action. The "resting" really hit the spot. Bowser Jr kidnapped Princess Peach. Mario and Luigi went on an adventure to save Peach. They battled Bowser Jr many times in fortresses. When they battled Bowser in World 1 he fell in the lava which turned himself into Dry Bowser. After a battle with Bowser in his skeleton form Bowser Jr threw him in a pot of magic potion and Bowser got back to his original form with skin. Then the Mario Bros battled both Bowser and Bowser Jr and rescued Peach. King Koopa offered to have his kids get involved but Bowser declined on the offer. King Koopa was worried that since Bowser had a son, his children the Koopalings might not be important to Bowser anymore.

Super Mario Galaxy

It was the time of the Spring 2010 Annual Star Festival. Bowser in an attempt to conquer the whole universe stole the power stars from the comet observatory that Rosalina lived on. Then he attacked the Mushroom Kingdom with airships and lifted Peach's castle into space. Bowser Jr helps him in the game. King Koopa offered to have his kids be bosses but Bowser said he already got bosses like King Kaliente and Dino Piranha to help. King Koopa's fear of his kids not being important anymore started to go extreme. He thought to himself "Maybe when Mario defeats him and beats him up he'll realize that he needs the Koopalings to be his sidekicks not just that annoying son of his Bowser Jr. Mario managed to successfully defeat Bowser and Bowser Jr, rescue Peach, and save the universe.

Mario Kart Wii

A week after Super Mario Galaxy, the Mushroom Kingdom gets in their fifth racing tournament. Bowser and Bowser Jr join. Rosalina decides to join too.

Super Mario Sluggers

A week later The Mushroom Kingdom decides to have a baseball tournament. Bowser and Bowser Jr join.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The spring 2011 star festival arrived. However when Mario arrived Bowser ate the grand stars and grew HUGE. He attacked Peach's Castle and kidnapped Peach. Mario met a luma named Lubba and collected stars that Bowser stolen from the starships to travel the universe and rescue his "special one". On the way he battled Bowser Jr in World 1, 3, and 5 and battled Bowser in World 2, 4 and finally World 6 where he finally defeated him and saved his "special one". King Koopa offered to have his kids help Bowser but Bowser said no again. King Koopa asked Bowser why and Bowser answered "Koopa ever since I had a son I don't need your 7 children anymore." King Koopa was furious. He thought to himself "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! BOWSER hasn't been using my children to help him ever since Bowser Jr was born. Hmm I know. Next time I have my master plan in place I'll get my revenge. HA HA HA HA!!!!

Mario Kart 7

A week after Super Mario Galaxy 2 the Mushroom Kingdom gets in their sixth racing tournament. Bowser and Bowser Jr join. The Honey Queen also joins.

Mario Sports Mix

A week after Mario Kart 7 the Mushroom Kingdom gets in a tournament of 4 different sports which is Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, and Volley Ball. Bowser and Bowser Jr join.

Super Mario RPG: The Quest of Koopa

In 2012 King Koopa puts his master plan into action. He attacked Rosalina's Starship and stole the power stars. Then he double-crossed Bowser over the $9000 deal as revenge for not using the koopalings anymore. Bowser got angry and stole the power stars King Koopa already stolen. King Koopa tricks Mario into helping him get the stars. After Mario defeated Bowser, King Koopa revealed his plan to conquer the Mushroom World. Mario with the help of Rosalina defeat King Koopa for good. King Koopa died. Bowser adopted the koopalings.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

A week later it was Princess Peach's birthday! Unfortunately that was when Bowser was planning another kidnapping. Bowser Jr and the Koopalings hid in a cake and then popped out. They then kidnapped Peach and put her on the airship. Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad go on a journey to save her.

New Super Mario Bros. 3

A week later it was Mario's birthday. He invites his friends but he has one more invitation. So he invites Bowser. Bowser promises not to kidnap Peach that day. However he breaks the Promise and kidnaps her. Mario and Luigi go on a journey to rescue her. On the way he battled Bowser Jr and the Koopalings.

New Super Mario Bros U

A week later Bowser used a robotic arm to throw Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad away to acorn plains. They go on a journey to rescue Peach. The Koopalings now got their own airship.

Super Mario Galaxy 3 The Grand Journey

Another week later Bowser steals the power stars from the Miiship and kidnaps Peach in an attempt to conquer the Universe. But then these aliens come and kidnap Peach. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Bowser Jr, and the Koopalings go on a journey to rescue Peach from Tatanga.

Super Mario World 3: Return to Dinosaur World

A year after Super Mario Galaxy 3 The Grand Journey, Bowser invaded Dinosaur World once again. However, the Mario Bros. came and defeated Bowser. Thats when Bowser signed a peace treaty that said he would never harm the citizens of the Mushroom World ever again.

Super Mario: The Mushroom Wars

In 2033 which was Twenty years after the treaty was signed, Bowser (who was now 51 years old) invaded the [[Mushroom Kingdom and started a war. Many battles took place, but Bowser eventually fell into lava and was forced to have cybernetic parts.

Super Mario: The Mushroom Wars Expansion

In 2043 which was Ten years after the war, Bowser (who was now 61) invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and started another. However, he had a clone leading the Koopa Army to victory, and that clone was killed by mario, who then retired from protecting the Mushroom Kingdom.

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