The Shitty Meme Coalition is a game featuring the efforts of the titular coalition to take over the Internet by force.


The player must team up with CPUs and/or other players in a team of three (#SquadGoals!), with 3D brawler-like gameplay where the team must defeat waves of anthropomorphic quality memes until the timer expires. Each player gets to choose a shitty meme to play as, each with their own traits and weapons.


Primary AttackSecondary Attack
Damn Daniel
Damn, or whatever. Perhaps Snapchat has it too good after spawning this shitty meme. At least Daniel donated his lifetime Vans supply to a children's hospital, which is pretty alright.
A good old-fashioned shoeing, courtesy of the white Vans themselves.
Vine Whip
Never mind that this makeshift whip is really a shoelace, but the pun was more fitting than actual shoe-fitting.
Dat BoiTBA
Who even cares what color this dress is? Can't we all accept that different people perceive things differently? Apparently not, as this meme refuses to die and similar debates have continued cropping up on social media.
New Baby
A bludgeon move with a similarly ambiguously-colored purse.
Color Inconstancy
#TheDress stuns opponents with multicolored fabric. You thought a two-color design was confusing?
Fidget Spinner
A harmless stress toy, converted by r/dankmemes into a vehicle to caricature people with autism and cancer. Welcome to the Internet!
Triple Blade
A spin attack. Low-hanging fruit, sure, but what else does this thing really do?
Spinner Trick
This toy seriously doesn't give a lot of material to work with. No idea how this shitty meme lasted so long.
The meme that's so much deader than the gorilla himself, joking that it's deader than the gorilla himself is, itself, deader than the gorilla himself. Also, not to get too political, but the extended satirization of Harambe's death might have screwed the United States.
To keep this article out of NSFW territory, Harambe throws a disembodied botox-injected face of Thomas the Tank Engine, rather than any other kind of dick.
Harambe Cheeto
Wait, what? Some idiot payed almost $100,000 for a "Harambe Cheeto" that doesn't even look like a gorilla! When will this meme stop already?

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