The Mario Timeline

Do you think every Mario Game that comes in game release order comes in Chronological Order. Well no. Some Adventures that get released later take place before some that take place earlier. Here is the list including both Nintendo Games and Fantendo Games. ==Yoshi's Island== This is the earliest. One day in the year 1962 a stork is delivering 2 mythical babies from Star Haven. Then Kamek attacked the stork and kidnapped both the stork and baby Luigi. Baby Mario fell on Yoshi and Yoshi helped rescue baby Luigi and the stork from Bowser and Kamek. Kamek's vision was that they would cause future trouble to the koopa's ==Yoshi's Island DS== Baby Wario, Baby Waluigi, Baby Donkey Kong and baby Peach were born in 1963. Bowser travels back in time and steals the stars from these star children to take over the universe. He gets defeated by his past self The scene when baby Yoshi hatches takes place before the game and before Yoshi's Island since he appeared there. ==Mario and Luigi Partners in Time== In 1964 The Toddler Mario Bros team up with their future selves to defeat the Shroobs. Then they travel to the future to race in the Mario Kart Tournaments. ==Yoshi's Story== In 1974, 13 year old teen bowser gets revenge on the Yoshi's by stealing the Super Happy Tree

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