This was originally made on Fantendo as a joke to make fun of something.

The Legend of Tingle: Cage's Mask is the first installment in the Legend of Tingle series, developed by visionary Nicholas Cage released for the Nintendo Wii U(ALSO AMIIBO SUPPORT OMG). Many of the innovations from Ocarina of Seinfeld return, because Eiji Aonuma is a lazy piece of shit. Taking place in the parallell realm of ACKSHITLOOKATDAMOON, middle aged hero Tingle Fairypants must defeat the malevolent Nicholas Cage and return Cage's Mask to the Moody Mask Salesman. Reception for the game was 7/10, too much fairy. The theme for the game is No Scrubs by TLC.


Following the events of Ocarina of Seinfeld, Tingle Fairypants is on a quest to find HEYLISTEN, his old companion, riding on Epontingle through the forest. However, he accidentally rides into a tree, because he was like, really high. While groaning in pain on the ground, Costanza Kid appears, steals Epontingle and rides it into a really mysterious and ominous and creepy and scary and horrifying and fearful tunnel.  Tingle gets up and runs into the tunnel, falling down. He sees a number of weird signs, believing it to be from the LSD he took earlier. However, it was really the magic of film star Nicholas Cage.

Tingle lands, and finds that he is now a Ghost Rider. He also finds Theotherfairythatnoonegivestwoshitsabout, who lost Costanza Kid and her brother, Theotherotherfairythatnoonegivestwoshitsabout.  They decide to team up and exit the tunnel, entering Cage Town, where they find that the Carnival of YOU DON'T SAY is about to begin. However, the Moon has suddenly sprouted eyes and smokes weed everyday. They realize that if they don't do something, they'll be dead. Tingle reluctantly accepts the task of saving ACKSHITLOOKATDAMOON, learning that he must awaken the Four Good Actors to save the realm from the Moon. However, they are all trapped inside masks, held by minions of Cage in the four corners of the world, Dekufux, Zoradick, Ikanass, and



Dungeons and Bosses










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