The Email Movie is the official prequel to The Emoji Movie, and is the third of the Emoji Movie series. It has a planned release for the end of the world.


It is the year 1998, and the story centers around Addisons older brother Addison.

Addison is emailing his bud Addison, and they are sending eachother 'why u do dis' memes, until Addison gets an email from the prince of nepal, who is asking for 9,000,000 dollars for his country, or else addison will get killed. Addison must get 9,000,000 dollars and then journey to nepal to save the country.

in the end, addison gets an email from the prince of nepal that reads: 


problem? XD trolled! thanks for the mansion n***************!

-prince of nepal XD

ps im actually investing my money into emojis🤔 m'name Gene XD 😐

and then addison jumps out of his window.\



  • This movie was rated best movie of all time, and sold more than titanic
  • Inspiration for this movie happened shortly after the same thing happened to Arctic in real life
  • This movie was made with a budget of a prince of nepalllllllllllllllll
  • 9 000 000 dollar !

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