This game is suitable for ages three and up. Go away if you are less than 3.

Surviving the Fandraxorcist is a shit game developed by Crimson for the PC platform. It is inspired by a lot of MLG like survival hnic.EXE and Five rroor game and Googleplex nights at Luke's.

Surviving the Fandraxorcist is a real life shit, it will actually happen. Stay aware.


You are invited to stay at your friend (Ethan)'s house to fuck him.


You start out in the kitchen, fapping directly across from Ethan, who is also fapping. There are many places you can have sex in Ethan's house, with plenty of bedrooms and bedrooms and loads of bedrooms. Each day lasts indefinite, so if you make it to the end of the day you'll reach a ejectulating point and be able to restart from the current day's beginning if your penis locks up. While you are having sex, there are many treasures that can be found around the house, including belongings, cash, penises, and more. Collecting dicks boosts your score.

The first days are easy to pass, but as they go on Ethan becomes faster and more sexual during anal intercourse. He'll start to await you in the best bedrooms and is excessively quick and hard to resist fapping to.

Throughout the nights, you will become hungrier and hungrier for more oral. If the "Stomach Bar" runs out, you faint and lose. To combat this, shove his dick up your mouth.

If Ethan does not fuck you, he'll disappear, only to show up at a random interval and end your game. There are many ways Ethan can do this, but all of them lead to a bad, fuckless ending, showing him torturing you in different ways.


  • Avatar (can be named): The game's sole, silent protagonist that is based off of you. He/she speaks sexy senpai talk.
  • Ethan: The antagonist of the game and a sixteen year old murderer corrupted by want of sex.
  • Asher: No one cares.

Game Over jumpscares/screens

  • there are none besides the one below you.  you can only die by seeing and feeling the lenny.
  • Gameplay may be n
  • dead alongside you.
  • An egg appears right before your face and memes all over you. Airhorns play.
  • dead after not fucking for ten minutes


  • Bedrooms - Places where you fuck. That's it.


  • Dicks: Even Crimson found it hard to resist making this an item.  Your boner becomes stronger by collecting these.


  • sonic says you must fuck when you're over 18 B)
    • don't listen to this bitch
      • fuck you

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