Supra Smash Bross
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Developer(s) Weegeesquare
Publisher(s) Weegeesquare
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
First version: 5/3/2014

Latest version: 2/12/2015

4.5/5 - Gamejolt

11/10 "Better than COD" -IGN

Predecessor "Supah Mahryo Brothas"

Supra Smash Bross is a Super Smash Brothers fan/parody/shoddyknockoffproduct game released in 2014

by Weegeesquare.

Version 5 was released as of 2/13/2015. You can download the latest version of the game here.


The game plays like Smash Brothers, but with a few differences:

  • There are no shields or dodging. (you can press down while in mid-air to fast fall though)
  • There are no smash attacks with the exception of Spade. (many of the attacks already knock the opponent far enough)

Playable Fighters

Starter Fighters

Myrio- one of the starter fighters. Unlike Mario in Smash, he does not use any projectiles at all; instead using moves inspired by his game of origin. (origin: Supah Mahryo Brothas)

Kaka Carrot Cake- one of the starter fighters. Came with the engine used to make the game (which can be found here). (origin: Dragons Ball P)

Yoshi- one of the starter fighters. He does not play like the Yoshi in Smash in any way. His neutral attack is his egg throw instead of it being his up special (though this is to compensate for lack of double jump) among many others. (origin: Super Mario World)

Miku Hatsune- one of the starter fighters. She is one of the fastest starters (along with Yoshi) but most of her attacks have a slight hitlag before being executed (due to easy spamming in early versions of the game). (origin: Vocaloid)

Luee-G- one of the starter fighters. Has the same specials as the Smash Bros Luigi, and as a result is one of the easiest fighters to use in the game. (origin: Supah Mahryo Brothas)

Silver- one of the starter fighters. He is supposed to be a joke character referencing Mewtwo from SSBM not being added to SSB4 while Dr. Mario did. His specials show this the most because of how close they are to Mewtwo's specials, and the line "IT'S NO USE!" is even used in one of the attacks. (origin: Sonic 06)

Unlockable fighters

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

Ordered by version of appearance.

Luigi Chicken- The very first unlockable fighter. He was added in version two (yes, all version one had was an unlockable stage, not even a fighter) and is usually mistaken as 'Chicken Luigi' instead of 'Luigi Chicken.' His specials involve spitting gravy, turning into a swirl and flying up, and spinning. Unlocked by beating Classic Mode for the first time. (origin: Chicken Luigi! Go! Go! Dance Note: This game does not actually exist.)

Homestar Runner- The second unlockable character. Just as you would expect, he is a very strange character. Unlocked by scoring 800 pixels or higher in the Home-Run Contest. (origin: Homestar Runner (website))

Captain Falcon- The third unlockable fighter. Uses his Melee moveset (in fact, the sprite sheet used to make him was modified a bit just so all his Melee attacks would be there. AND the Falcon Punch SFX is synced spot-on!). Unlocked by beating Classic Mode within five minutes (but Luigi Chicken must be unlocked first). (origin: F-Zero)

Lilac- The fourth unlockable character. Though being the Shoddy Knockoff of Sonic she is, she doesn't actually use Sonic's Brawl moveset or try to be a Silver clone. Most (if not all except her neutral special) are from her game of origin. Unlocked by clearing Classic Mode as Spade. (Origin: Freedom Planet)

Reggie Fils-Aime- The fifth unlockable character. He isn't as fast as you would expect him to be, but that can be fixed by using his neutral special to ready his body, which doubles his speed. Unlocked by clearing Event 5. Also, he has no victory animation, it just defaults to Goku's with no sound. (Origin: Nintendo)

Spade- The sixth unlockable character, shares the same series origin as Lilac. Being an unused character in a game should make it hard for someone to recreate the character, unless you hack. Even though he follows true to how he plays in Freedom Planet (if you hack the game and get him to be playable), he plays a lot like Fox in Melee (without the terrible recovery). Unlocked by beating 5 Target Test! matches. (Origin: Freedom Planet)

Captain Underpants- The seventh unlockable character. He's... Hard to explain, unless you actually read the book series he originates from. Unlocked by playing Classic 6 times or playing 10 matches. (Origin: The Captain Underpants book series) Template:Endspoiler

Misc. Fighters

Mayro- Possibly the one (and only) example this game will ever have of a removed fighter. He's also the reason why this game's name was once renamed from "Supra Smash Bross" to "Supra Smash Browzer." Myrio had the same moveset until Mayday version DOS. He has been announced to be brought back to the roster for Version 6.

Luke Fon Fabre(?)- One image in the game (but Dummied Out) is an image called Fabre_still_0.

Note: For upcoming (and announced) fighters, please look at the section titled "Next Version Reveals"

Game Modes

Classic Mode

It's Classic Mode. It has three difficulty settings, easy, normal, and hard. Due to a bug in all versions of the game (to be fixed in version 5) whenever you load the game up, the starter "seed" is used, so there is no randomization when you play Classic the first time after booting it up any time.

You play five stages: two normal battles, a race to the finish, a metal battle, and then Master Hand in that order. You unlock Luigi Chicken, Lilac, Captain Falcon, and Captain Underpants in this mode.

Home-Run Contest

It plays like the Melee one (even ripping off the (badly textured) flooring from Melee). You hit a sandbag as far as you can. It actually saves your high score, too!

If you can hit the Sandbag 800 pixels or more, you unlock Homestar. Hitting it 1200 pixels or more gets you the Meta Crystal stage. (PROTIP: do it with Luee-G, easiest way.)

Target Test!

In the older versions of Bross (basically anything Verizon Trace and before) all characters (in some versions, most) had a target test. In the newer versions (Version 4X4 and on) Target Test is more like Brawl; by difficulty, not character.

If you beat 5 Target Test stages, you unlock Spade.


Once you have unlocked all the characters, this final mode, All-Star, is unlocked. Just like SSB4's All Star, you fight characters in a certain order.

Once you beat this mode (if you can; the computer is always at max difficulty) you unlock the Battlefield.

Event Match

A mode that was experimented with in Verizon 3, added back in Version 5 with events. Reggie is unlockable from this mode.

Next Version reveals


File:Supra Smash Bross MAYDAY Version 6- New characters

MANY new characters have been recently added and have been shown. These characters include:

This image shows an early version of the next version's character select screen. According to this and a newer character select screen, these characters were planned but did not make the cut:

  • Mugman (Mugman)
  • Torque (Freedom Planet)
  • Serpentine (Freedom Planet)
  • Malleo (Mario Is Missing!)


One stage has been revealed for Version 6: Pangu Lagoon.

Other stages can be seen in footage of the stage select screen, but no stage can be made out due to the quality of the footage.

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