Super Yoshi Clan

Super Yoshi Clan is a 1 to 4 player game created by a wikia contributor and released on the Wii U in 2012. It is in the Yoshi (series). It has a side view perspective like games in the New Super Mario Bros Series. The graphics are in Wii U graphics. On the Super Mario (series)/Chronological Timeline it is said to take place when Bowser's an adult but before he invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and met Mario and Luigi and after the events of Tetris Atack and Yoshi Touch and Go. Player 1 is green Yoshi but the other 3 players get to chose Red Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Dark Blue Yoshi, Light Blue Yoshi, Black Yoshi, Brown Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Grey Yoshi or Tan Yoshi. You can play as 1 player, 2 player, 3 player or 4 player.


One beautiful day on Yoshi's Island, Chief Yoshi is having his birthday party. He invited his friends and Dark Yoshi(who Yoshi didn't know he worked for Bowser yet). Dark Yoshi had a huge present. Yoshi was extremely excited. But when he opened it Bowser popped out and gobbled up the cake. He then burps fire on the Yoshi's. Then he put down the Bowser flag and claimed the territory as his. Then Kamek swooped in and kidnapped Chief Yoshi. Yoshi Jr and his friends decided to rescue his father from Bowser and Kamek. They need to travel around the island to collect the 6 missing pieces of The Legendary Yoshi Ship. There are 6 worlds on Yoshi's island. Each world has 8 levels and the 8th level is the castle where the boss is

World 1 The Quest Begins

Where the quest begins of course. The World Castle Boss is Dark Yoshi.

World 2 Yoshi Beach

The beach that's on the shoreline of Yoshi's Island. The World Castle boss is Kammy Koopa.

World 3 the Deep Forest

The deep forest on Yoshi's island. The world castle boss is Kamella.

World 4 The Haunted House

One of Wizzardhiemer's haunted houses on Yoshi's Island. The World castle boss is Wizardhiemer.

World 5 the Mountain

The mountain in the middle of Yoshi's island. The World Castle boss is Kamek Jr

World 6 the Sky

The world on top of the clouds of Yoshi's island. The World Castle Boss is Kamek

World 7 the Valley of Bowser

After collecting the 6 pieces to the Legendary Yoshi Ship they put the pieces together and sail to the cave known as the Valley of Bowser. The World Castle Boss is Bowser. After defeating him the first time Kamek, Kammy, Kamella, and Wizardhiemer sprinkle magic dust on him that makes him grow humungous. Then the Yoshi's finally defeat him and save Chief Yoshi. Then they return to Yoshi's island.

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