Super Smash Bros. Titanomachy is the sequel Super Smash Bros. Theomachy. Due to the failure of the prequel, Titanomachy features less oddball characters, And features characters that could have a chance to be in Smash.



Default Characters

Image Character
177px Mario
277px Princess Peach
300px Donkey Kong
257px Yoshi
300px Link
161px Zelda
137px Sheik
225px Samus
177px Kirby
300px King Dedede
277px Pikachu
300px Jigglypuff
277px Fox
300px Olimar
300px Marth
257px Pit
300px The Ice Climbers
137px Tom Nook
137px Sonic The Hedgehog
177px Pac-Man

Unlockable Characters

Image Character
107px Luigi
217px Waluigi
300px Bowser
225px Professor Elvin Gadd
300px Paper Mario
300px Shadow Mario
207px Diddy Kong
197px Funky Kong
177px Ganondorf
300px Toon Link
300px Meta Knight
223px Lucario
300px Mewtwo
300px Raichu
177px Ness
177px Captain Falcon
177px Mr. Game & Watch
300px The Balloon Fighter
177px Reggie Fils-Aime
177px The Flipnote Frog
300px Rockmen
177px Amigo
The Team Animatronics
5405508-115960602 1-v1 Kevin The Titan Smasher


5405508-115960602 1-v1 This is the first Smash game in which they have their very own Avatar. The Avatar is also the last unlockable playable character in the game, And can be unlocked by clearing Target Test\Adventure Mode\Classic Mode\Home Run Contest\And Titan-Man Melee as every single character except for himself. The name of the character avatar is titled Kevin The Titan Smasher.

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