Hamclub fucked it, so ye

Super Smash Bros. Pwnage is a Super Smash Bros. fangame made and anal'd by EpicLlamaSwag42. It is semi-known throughout the lands for its strange amount of unexpected fucking ocs



  • Smash
  • 10-Player Fucking: Super Smash Bros. Pwnage now fucks up 10 players.

Games and More

  • Classic
  • Dimensional Conquest
  • All-Star: Scrape your dick against random fighters on their home stages. They have no specific order. After every 10 fighters, you are transported to the fucking area. You give oral to 50 fighters on easy difficulty, 100 on normal, and 150 on hard.
  • Events
  • Training
  • Stadium
  • Custom: You have three options in this mode.
    • Custom Fighter: create your own version of a fucker via their custom movesets.
    • Mii Fighter: create a Mii fucker. You can assign it five different types and give it a custom moveset.
    • Enigma Fighter: create a totally original fucker via using and recoloring parts from other fighters. You can assign it moves shared by other fuckers.




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