This was originally made on Fantendo as a joke to make fun of something.

Super Smash Bros. Kerfuffle is a fighting game for the Super CD-i, a revamp of the beloved and timeless Phillips CD-i.


The roster mostly consists of the only video game characters that Phillips was able to get the rights to... for some reason not too many people wanted to associate their characters with this game.

  • Gex
    • Series: Gex
    • Debut: Gex (3DO)
  • Bubsy
    • Series: Bubsy
    • Debut: Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (Sega Genesis, SNES)
  • Boogerman
    • Series: Boogerman
    • Debut: Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure (Sega Genesis, SNES)
  • Jim the Knight
    • Series: Hydlide
    • Debut: Hydlide (NES)
  • E.T.
    • Series: E.T.
    • Debut: E.T. (Atari 2600)
  • Takeshi Kitano
    • Series: Takeshi's Castle
    • Debut: Takeshi no Chōsenjō (Famicom)
  • Shaq
    • Series: NBA
    • Debut: Shaq Fu (Sega Genesis, SNES)


Due to great sales and critical acclaim, the game will be getting a sequel. Herbert Schmerbet, CEO of Phillips, said in an interview, "Oh yeah we're making a sequel... it's called Smash Bros. Kerfuffle 2: Electric Boogaloo... something stupid like that, as long as we get money I don't give a crap."

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