This was originally made on Fantendo as a joke to make fun of something.

Super Smash Bros. Amazing is a game made by Amazing Studios to make the most amazing Super Smash Bros. fangame ever. Each day, three characters are revealed then uh the other things.



Series: House
Final Smash: Rollercouch

Everyone's favorite black couch joins the cast! Couch only stays in one place and does nothing. Nothing. Well, it throws pillows at you.

It's final smash is "Rollercouch" in which the couch summons a rollercoaster made of couches and runs over the opponents with it.


Series: Memes (Dead)
Final Smash: wow much old

Do you remember that this was relevant like years ago right? I wonder what is the new thing now. Anyway, Doge attacks using a variety of dead memes at you.

His final smash is "wow much old", in which he summons all old memes and you die from hearing all that damn old jokes over again.

Kanye West

Series: Music
Final Smash: Don't Let Me Get In My Zone

I'm gonna let you finish but right now .vectorDestiny has made the most overrused and dad reference of all time! (concraps)

His final smash is "Don't Let Me Get In My Zone" in which, Kanye enters his zone, because you were watching the throne and didn't noticed Kanye entering his zone and now when he enters his zone and bunch of bad things happen.

And it explodes.

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