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Super Say! is a detective RPG game based around the character of Super Sayin Mario created by Wither the Boss. The game is a parody of other detective titles, specifically Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, as it is much more foolish than even the specified title. It was released in 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS.

It has a sequel by the name of Super Sayin'!, which was released in 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.


The player plays primarily as the character of Super Sayin Mario, a rookie defense attorney at the Ion, Ject and Ob Law Officies. Players must investigate various (exaggerated) crime scenes, picking out pieces of evidence before being given a file from the police officers at the Funyarinpa State Offices describing the supposed events leading up to the crime. In the courtroom, Super Sayin Mario must "battle" the offence attorney using the evidence, as well as in an RPG fight sequence before showing off the final piece of concluding evidence.


  • Super Sayin Mario is the game's main protagonist, and a rookie defence attorney. An alternate version of Super Sayin Mario transports him to the nth dimension at the end of the day, where they find the Seek Well.
  • Chik N. Folay is the main female protagonist, and SSMario's partner and mentor. She works part-time at her father's chicken restaurant: Chicken Kitchen. She is murdered in Chapter 2.
  • Tim Ion, David Ject and Bob Ob are the owners of Ion, Ject and Ob Law Officers, and the bosses of SSMario and Chik.
  • Senor Owen is one of the people who hires Super Sayin. They eventually become friends, and he treats the detective to free Bean Juice after all his cases.
  • Mario The Quick is Super Sayin Mario's super athletic cousin. After helping the police catch a criminal, he is hired to be a member of the police force himself.
  • Super Sayin Luigi is Super Sayin Mario's brother. He is found as the criminal in Chapter 2, and later murders Chik N.
  • Albert Ien is a ghostly vampire alien from the nth dimension, and the main antagonist of Chapter 4. He is suspected of turning people into mutant nuclear zombie vampire cows from the nth dimensional vortex of evil.
  • Notta Boi is the main antagonist of the game, being the culprit of most of the chapters. She is the actual person who turns everyone into the mutant nuclear zombie vampire cows from the nth dimensional vortex of evil. She is murdered by Super Sayin Mario at the end of the game.
  • Super Sayin Man is the main protagonist of the bonus chapter. He is an offence attorney at the Aweel, Kee and Lou Law Offices.


Chapter 0

In his dream, Super Sayin Mario dreams of his first court case, and battles veteran attorney Phoenix Wright in a court case about a woman who supposedly murdered a fish. In the crime scene, Super Sayin Mario finds various pieces of evidence that points to the fish actually killing itself, after attempting to murder its captor- a woman named Elmira Killallpets. After deducing the truth, Super Sayin Mario wakes up, finding himself in a car on his way to his law offices.

Chapter 1

On his first day of work, he is called to court to be the attorney for Senor Owen Onara, a man who eats nothing but beans. Owen is suspected of a serial murder, in which every corpse had a pile of beans covering the target's face. Super Sayin Mario and his partner, Chik N. Folay, investigate the latest in the serial murders, and find clues that some of the detectives did not catch. These include a cryptic message slashed into the man's leg, saying "To erase the". When in court, they find that he is innocent, though, because there is still evidence, they decide to put him in prison anyway until the real murderer is caught.

As soon as the police take Senor Owen Onara away, the real serial killer, the offence attorney Jack D. Ripper celebrates by murdering the one who hired him, the latest corpse's unnamed sister, in the exact same fashion. Though seeing no similarities between the two murders, no one decides to act as they believe that murdering is a great way to celebrate. Chik N. Folay then points out the similarities, and Ripper is arrested on the spot, freeing Owen and they rejoice with a cup of "Bean Juice" (aka apple cider with beans in it).

Chapter 2

Super Sayin Mario gets a call from his cousin, Mario The Quick, who hires him as his defence attorney because he is suspected of robbing a bank. When Sayin Mario investigates the crime scene, he finds a note signed by Mario the Quick saying that he did it, causing him to be weary. When the court case comes, he presents this evidence, before saying that it'd be too obvious and therefore the thief must be his evil brother Super Sayin Luigi. Luigi escapes and murders Chik N., before being caught by Mario The Quick. They then rejoice with more Bean Juice.

Chapter 3

After Chik N.'s funeral, Super Sayin Mario gets told to go to court, and finds that he is the defence attorney for a little child named Baebee Boi, who is suspected of eating all the cookies. Mario finds Baebee as innocent, and that the true culprit is his mother, Notta Boi. Mario gives Baebee a jar of cookies as his mother is sent to jail for a lifetime because of the very serious crime.

After the trial, test results come back showing that Notta is actually innocent, and she is sent to court. This time, Mario finds that the one who actually ate all the cookies was God Waluigi, who broke in to steal them. He is not caught, but Notta is still sentenced in his place.

Chapter 4

Super Sayin wakes up and finds himself in a courtroom battling his brother, Super Sayin Luigi. After defeating Luigi, he finds that he is currently supposed to be defending his brother for stealing 21 cows all over the world. Using evidence he doesn't remember collecting, Mario eventually finds that the person he's fighting, a Scottish man named Albert Ien, actually did it and that he's actually a ghostly vampire alien from the nth dimension. When Albert is captured and sent to the death sentence, he learns that Notta Boi has escaped from jail, and later drugs Super Sayin Mario's Bean Juice. When Super Sayin Mario wakes up, he finds that he is the defendant in a case, with his lawyer being God Waluigi. He helps God Waluigi prove that he is not the person who did anything wrong, and that Notta, though not present, actually drugged him. They tell him that drugs have nothing to do with this court, and its actually because Super Sayin Mario murdered all Tim Ion, David Ject and Bob Ob in a fit of rampage.

He finds that he is in fact guilty of murdering them, as the drug given to him by Notta makes people think that all people are alien zombie cows and that he has to murder all of them.

He gets sentenced to a lifetime in jail, saying that he doesn't even remember doing it.

Chapter 5

Super Sayin Mario wakes up in a padded room, with blood sprayed around him. When he escapes, he finds that the world has been devastated by a nuclear explosion caused by Albert Ien, turning people into mutant nuclear zombie vampire cows from the nth dimensional vortex of evil. He goes on a rampage and eventually finds himself in a courtroom as the defence attorney for Albert, with the judge and the opposing forces being mutant nuclear zombie vampire cows from the nth dimensional vortex of evil. He later finds that Albert was framed, and that the actual cause of the destruction was Notta Boi, who was actually the queen of the mutant nuclear zombie vampire cows from the nth dimensional vortex of evil. She murders Albert, and tries to murder Super Sayin, who accidentally kills her and puts everything back to normal.

Super Sayin Mario is then sent to jail for murdering Notta Boi, despite him saving everyone from being mutant nuclear zombie vampire cows from the nth dimensional vortex of evil.

In his cell, he finds that his cellmate is actually himself from the nth dimension, who tells him that the battle isn't over yet, before opening a vortex to the nth dimension to escape the prison.

Super Sayin Mario then decides to yell "SEEK WELL!" as the game ends.

Bonus Chapter

After beating the game with no mistakes, a bonus chapter is unlocked. Super Saiyan Man is the main protagonist, as the game takes place in an alternate timeline where the lemon falls off the rails.

Super Sayin Man is a rookie offensive attorney for the Aweel, Kee and Lou Law Offices. His first court case has him fighting against Super Sayin Mario with Notta Boi as his client. Super Sayin Man proves that Notta Boi is not guilty of murdering 30 people with a party popper, instead that Albert Ien did with his nuclear reactor gun.

After finding out that Notta is innocent, she murders Albert in vengeance for killing her son, Baebee. She is then sent to jail, and Super Sayin Mario invites Super Sayin Man for Bean Juice to celebrate.


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