This was originally made on Fantendo as a joke to make fun of something.
Template:SuggestionSuper Metal Smash Babies is a spin-off of Metal Baby Kart for the Virtual Boy to be released in 9804, by means of time travelling. It has a sequel called Metal Baby Rampage.


This game plays nothing like Super Smash Bros. what are you talking about. oh no they're onto us

It supports any amount of players between -89 and 666.



  • First Stop: The opposite of your final destination. Takes place in a train station
  • The Sidescrolling Stage: Read the name, damnit.
  • The Upscrolling Stage: I don't know what else to call it
  • Poop Nugget: A fun stage where poop on the ground slows you down because it smells bad and you can jump into it and eat it to heal (suggested by co-developer Pork)
  • Shelf: A shelf. That's it. (Suggested by co-developer Pork)
  • Shopping Bag: You fight inside a shopping bag and get squished by items that go in the shopping bag
  • Fullstop: . (Suggested by co-developer Pork)
  • Two Fullstops: ..
  • I Don't Know How To Count: .....
  • Ridley: You fight on Ridley's head except you don't because that's too big. Instead you fight on either his smallest toenail or his left wingtip, chosen at random. Except you don't because those are too big and you actually just die as soon as you enter the stage.
  • The Stage That You Choose: Nothing happens when you select this stage. Just go select another one (Suggested by co-developer Pork)
  • Nothing: A stage that doesn't exist in the game's files. It overrides your console because it takes up too much memory (Suggested by co-developer Pork)
  • Meme: A stage that switches between various meemays like doge and so wacky


Hey there are no items. YOU TOTALLY THOUGHT THERE WERE ITEMS HA!!!!!!111!!111111!!!1!!!!!





  • This is the second game in the Metal Baby series, with many more to come
  • Primal Dialga was Primal before it was cool
  • This game is confirmed to be Illuminati
  • Despite being pictured in the official poster, Dr. Baby Luigi isn't in this game


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Place your reviews here or else <insert menacing yet somewhat silly threat here>!

  • Okay, fine! I'll review your game! You don't have to beat me with a crowbar. Anyways, this is a beautiful game, and has lots of good character choices. The descicion to make it on the Virtual Boy was great. I love playing games in red and black. The only problem is *whack* -Randomfrog, who is now in the hospital from crowbar damage
  • Металлические люди мои лучшие друзья, так что поэтому я рад, что они убивают друг друга на футуристическим и успокаивающим саундтрек. Это самая большая игра, которую я никогда не играл. Двадцать миллиардов очков! Не расист. -Mother Russia
  • I bet this game is amazing, it sounds extremely fun and the character choices are good, and i think it's all-around one of the best games ever made! 10/10 -Steve, the blind guy.
  • Wow, what a suck ygame i mean the choices are dumb, no items, the stages sound dubm as fu-- a-and...OH GOD OKAY IT'S GOOD, IT'S GOOD PLEASE DON'T HURT ME AAHAHGAHABHJ -CSketch, he was mysteriously found highly injured after publishing the review.
  • Such exquisite roster choices which all blend into a magnificent cast of distinctive and well-rounded characters. The stages, soundtrack and ideas just effervesce into a perfect, amazing experience of which can only be seen when playing this hands on. Outstanding. - Someone who is $5 million richer for posting this review.
  • chính, feene-a! Ồ! Ide Fry mah '! Trung thực guv! Ide Fry mah '! Tôi sẽ refeeoo GEME-một yuo'e! Ồ! Ide Fry mah '! Trung thực guv! Ide Fry mah '! Ồ! Yuoo dun't 'Efe-một tu củ cải đường cho tôi-một Veet một croober. Unyveys, ffees là một beooteeffool GEME-a, und 'es LUTs ooff chueeces guud charcker, init? Zee dexceeciun tu meke-một zee nó oon Furtooel Mua VES chào đón. ah gemes lufe-một pleyeeng trong und đỏ bleck. Shet mah Bắc và Nam! Oi! Shet mah Bắc và Nam! Đúng! Ide Fry mah '! Zee oonly prublem là * vheck * Voo, vhet một soock ygeme-a i Meun zee chueeces ere-một doomb, phải, mục nu, phải, zee steges suoond doobm es foo-- một-und, phải, chửi thề tất cả t 'tarnashun ... ooh GOD OoKEY IT'S GOOD, IT'S PLEESE tỐT KHÔNG 'Oort ME EEHEHGEHEBHJ -We have no clue who this guy was, he just came up to us, yelled this and walked away
  • This game looks very good! My favorite character in it is Dr. Mario. *mindreader activates* This is is horrible, the only good thing in it is-*mindreader stops* OWWWWWW *runs away* -Poisonshot, shortly before never beign seen again in Babytal Town of Rainbow Utopias
  • The game's ok, but there are waaay too many Baby Rosalinas. I guess many Marios is fine, but now you have six of the exact same thing. ~Arend, before getting beaten up by crowbars.
  • This game gets an 11 out of 10, solider, with amazing graphics and a damn great soundtrack. Your roster is epic and varied and that the items are not op at all. I wish I was in the game. :P -CrimsonRage
  • Why am I tied up in this cell? I don't want to talk about this game -TKThunder, who was found in an alley beaten with peanut butter-filled socks.
  • Egg has come so far since he was first drawn. I'm so proud of him.
    --- MC Monster ~~ Jack of all trades, master of none; Certainly better than a master of one. 21:36, October 2, 2014 (UTC)
  • Tis Byotiful -Squid
  • 7.8/10 too much water Light Matter 12:01, December 7, 2014 (UTC)
  • 2spoopy4me EpicLlamaSwag42 (talk) 14:32, December 7, 2014 (UTC)