Write the text of your article here! ===Super Mario Wii U Extreme is a 3d Mario Game realeased in 2013. Plot: Bowser is improving the article of him on Fantendo and then he gets confused on how to make a bold title. He asks it on the talk page and then Arend calls him stupid. Bowser gets angry and destroys his computer and calls him on the phone. Arend: Hmph who the Fuck is This? Can't you see I'm busy trying to Murder Obama and become the Supreme Dictator!!!!??!!??!??!?? Bowser: Well, I called to ASK WHY YOU INSULTED THE KOOPA KING??!!?!!!??!!?????? Arend hangs up. Later he took over the United States by bombing the White House. Then he invades the Mushroom Kingdom. Me, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Peach, and Bowser set on a quest to travel back in time and prevent Arend from taking over the Us and the Mushroom Kingdom. Will we make it? Find out by buying Super Mario Wii U Extreme. Only on the Wii U.

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