Super Mario Land 3 The Bad Influence is a Fantendo game on the Nintendo 3DS released in 2012 created by a wikia contributor. It is the third game in the Super Mario Land series. The gameplay is side view and it is one player.


Wario is talking to Luigi complaining that Mario was given a land but neither him, Luigi, or Yoshi and how he tried to take over Mario Land twice. He then convinces Luigi to take over Mario Land and then after divide the kingdom into two to give Wario half a land. Luigi agrees with Wario and filled with jealously and rage that Mario got a land but not him. Meanwhile Mario is planning to return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Until Luigi and 7 clones barge in. They throw Mario on a catapult and Launch him to the other side of Mario Land. Mario must now go on a journey back to his castle to save his land from Luigi. Luigi also brainwashed the citizens by selling buckets then pressing a mind control button.


Koopa Troopas Koopa Paratroopas Goombas Paragoombas Toads Buzzy Beetles Spinys Para Buzzy Beetles Para Spinys Para Toads Blue Koopa Troopas(in underground levels]] Blue Goombas Blue Para Koopa Troopas Red Koopas Shy Guys Snifits Blue Shy Guys Yellow Shy Guys Green Shy Guys Blue Toads Yellow Toads Green Toads Purple Toads Orange Toads Pink Toads Cheep-Cheeps Green Cheep Cheeps Purple Cheep Cheeps Bloopers Crabs Sharks Lock ness Monsters


Each World has 8 levels the 8th being the World Boss. Here is a list of Worlds

World 1 The Deep Forest

A deep forest. The World Boss is Dark Green Luigi Clone

World 2 The Plains

The plains. The World Boss is Light Green Luigi Clone

World 3 Mario River

A shallow river full of fish. The world boss is Light Blue Luigi Clone

World 4 The Mario Lake Shore

Where the Mario River flows into Mario Lake. It is still shallow but more creatures like bloopers and crabs. The World Boss is Blue Luigi Clone.

World 5 The Center of Mario Lake

Away from the shore. In the middle of the wide lake. More creatures like Sharks are here. The World Boss is Dark Blue Luigi Clone

World 6 The Deep Lake

Deep below the surface of the center where it's very dark. More creatures like Lockness Monsters are here. The World Boss is Glowing Red Luigi Clone

World 7 The Cave

After finding a passage in the Deep Lake a cave appears. It is dark. The World Boss is Glowing Blue Luigi Clone.

World 8 Luigi's Castle

Formerly Mario's Castle until Luigi took over. The World Boss is Luigi. After you defeat him he cries and apologizes for all the trouble he caused. Mario forgives him and divides the land in half so Luigi can rule a half of the land.

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