Mario and Luigi are undercover FBI agents trying to bust the mexican drug trafficking family the koopas by killing the head of the family bowser "king" koopa,they disguise themselves as italian plumbers in order to break in,they run around and kill the hired mercs.Meanwhile Bowser is playing with his two sex slaves,daisy and peach.Hes putting crack on his finger and up their noses(lolz so fun-e)and give them the buisness. while bowser is giving them the buisness his sciency fellows are creating a new drug they call "blue shell" they find out it causes a horrific reaction when you mix it with crack. They give it to bowser and instruct him not to mix it with crack.He mixes it with crack and becomes A HORRIFIC MONSTER.At that moment mario and luigi rush in with AK-47s and fight king koopa.They free daisy and peach and get to their motorcycles,yoshi and boshi.Luigi and Daisy manage to get to de choppa but mario and peach are forces away by Bowser in a Prius.Mario is banging Peach while fighting Bowser on a motorcycle until one bullet hits the engine and a huge-ass explosion sets off.They get in the chopper(still banging)and they fly away from the explosion. The End.


Arnold Schwarznigger as Mario

Miley Cyrus as Luigi

Megan Fox as Peach

Megan Fox Clone as Daisy

M. Night shamalangadingdong as Bowser

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