Super Duper awesome epic (everything is awesome) Paper Mario is a new M-Rated Paper Mario game and the sequel to Super Paper Mario. in this game, Paper Mario realizes about the Workers of Nintendo and Miyamoto are ruining the Paper Mario franchise with evil stickers. So he decides to go beyond his world to the Real World to defeat Miyamoto and put an end to his Franchise-Ruining plans for good.


Bowser kidnaps Peach like always which pisses off Mario and every Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom, the Toads are raged so much that they blow up and die, leaving only Toad, Toadsworth, Toadette, and a few dishonorable mention Toads the only Toads left in the Kingdom, so Mario has to get Peach back from Bowser in order to repopulate the Mushroom Kingdom with Peach's magical (boob) powers.

Mario goes into Grass Land and kills Mega Awesome Lego Goomba with ease, Mario then meets with Kersti the annoying Sticker Crown and tells him that he needs to go to Desert Land.

Mario however, finds a shortcut to Bowser's Castle because Bowser's minions are fucking idiots and decides to take the shortcut instead of going through the main Desert, Snow, Water, Forest, Rock, and Cloud Lands.

Mario goes into Bowser's Castle and does bloody murder on all of Bowser's Guards, then he meets with Bowser who is keeping Peach prisoner as always, Kamek interupts before Mario and Bowser could fight, he gives Bowser the Royal Sticker Crown that he stole 2 years ago and Bowser becomes the Final Boss from Sticker Star again, Mario fights him and wins.

Mario saves Peach, only to realize that it isn't Peach and just Bowser's waifu pillow of Peach, Bowser swears to Mario that he didn't put a dummy of Peach there and something happened, Mario however decides to fight Bowser again because it's Bowser.

After the fight, Mario finds a human hand holding Peach, and the hand drags up Peach into the Sky, Mario uses Bowser's Clown Car filled with shit to chase the Hand with Peach, Mario sees Nintendo Developers reacting what appears to be Peach while pissing shit over the screen, Peach is annoyed of this and sees Mario all okay, The workers see Mario and battle him, only to be fucking murdered by Mario.

Mario finds out that an evil idiot named Miyamoto (no offense to you Miyamoto if you're reading this) is planning on a Paper Mario Sticker Star game called: Paper Mario: Phelt Fuckers, Mario realizes the reason his franchise is Sticker Stars now is because of Miyamoto and decides to seek revenge on him for ruining the franchise, Kersti sees Mario and stops him saying that he is better off in Sticker Star, Mario decides to kick Kersti into the white shit-covered floor for saying that, Peach goes back to the Mushroom Kingdom to repopulate it and Mario sets off to defeat Miyamoto.

Final Boss

Miyamoto uses the power of Stickers, Paint, Toads, and Bowser bosses to become as strong as Mario, Miyamoto crushes Mario, only to see it was a picture decoy of Mario that Mario set up using the Camera Thing Card, showing Mario can have an advantage using Thing Cards and Stickers, Mario decides to use the Brutal-ist Cards and Stickers on Miyamoto, slowly defeating him until Miyamoto gets tired and gives Mario a Compass Thing Card to spare him, Luigi then comes and gives Mario a Washing Machine Thing Card to FUCKING DESTROY FUCKING MIYA-FUCKING-MOTO, so Mario has to choose whether to kill Miyamoto or not.

Murderous Ending

Mario uses the Washing Machine Thing Card to drain the last of Miyamoto's HP and kills him (although Miyamoto somehow survives this). Mario and Luigi return to the Mushroom Kingdom and everyone celebrates by having a huge Gay-Sex Party. Mario and Peach look at everyone happy and Mario starts to notice old, nostalgic characters reappearing again, Mario and Peach look at everyone before going to tell everyone else the good news About the original characters.

Sticker Ending

Mario uses the Compass Thing Card to flee from Miyamoto, Miyamoto thanks Mario for not killing him and rewards him with 1fucking00000000000000000000 Toads. Mario, Luigi, and all those FUCKING, SHITTY, ANNOYING, GAY Toads head back to the Mushroom Kingdom where Peach gets fucking surprised by all those fucking toads and doesn't know how to feed the Mushroom Kingdom enough with all those Toads, however, Mario and Peach have sex in the castle and Luigi drinks and gets drunk with Weed Toads. After Mario and Peach finish their Sex, Bowser comes in and kidnaps Peach without her clothes, Mario puts on his clothes, pencil, and hat, and goes after Bowser once again, showing a preview of Paper Mario: Phelt Fuckers.


The gameplay is similar to Paper Mario Sticker Star and Super Paper Mario. Except only one new card and sticker are found: The Internet Thing Card and Sticker.


World Info Miniboss World Boss
World 1: Grass Land Regular, grassy Ass Land Giant Koopa Troopa Mega Awesome Lego Goomba
World 2: Bowser's Castle Just Bowser's Castle Kamek Bowser, Mega Incredible Sticker King Bowser
World 3: Nintendo Office Computers everywhere, and there's shit on the floor Shy Guy with a Blue Sombrero Evil Toad
World 4: Nintendo Halls Just halls, everywhere.... shit Unidentified Flying Unicorn Kitty Hybrid Mega Awesome Lego Koopa Troopa
World 5: Nintendo Land From Nintendo Land Your Mii The WiiU
World 6: Tanabe's Room It's just Tanabe's room, he is obsessed with Toads Paper Pokey Griffin Tanabe
World 7: Paper Mario: Sticker Star The game fucking sucks Haramballs Tower Power Pokey Gooper Fucking Blooper
World 8: Miyamoto's Office The office for the Big Baddie of the Game Mega Awesome Bowser Miyamoto, Mega Sticker Fucking Miyamoto

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