Supah Princess Peach 5: Return of the Internet is some random non-existestant game that is a sequel to Super Princess Peach 4: Rise of DeviantART. fox


1 minute later after the events of Super Princess Peach 4: Rise of DeviantART, that creep with the red eyes who was the henchman of That Guy in Super Princess Peach 4: Rise of DeviantART, rises back with a bigger, creepier, and shittier army of perverts from DeviantART and all over the Internet!

Now Peach has to go into the Internet world and stop the DeviantART Crew from exploding the world with their cartoony non-existant fetishes of torture.

World 1 (Google)

Peach goes into the world of Google! A worthless place to start since the only fucking thing you can do is just search the fucking engine.

Peacn ignores Google Search and jumps over (Murders) countless Emoji's (To make matters cringier, they are Emoji's from The Emoji Movie) and Memes.

Google Bots are up to delete Peach because of her shitless behaviour, Peach avoids them all and fights their Boss, the GoogleDroid.

She defeats the GoogleDroid and nothing happens! Onto the next World!

World 2 (Youtube)

Peach goes into Youtube, a place full of pirated movies, shitty kids videos, and Let's Plays.

Peach clicks on a video that sends her to video with comments from DeviantART Perverts, she follows the comment into an account and into an anonymous website.

It turns out to be the Home of the meme Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Guy, the next boss, Peach defeats the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Guy and chases the pervert into another website.

World 3 (Facebook) fox fox fox

Peach is still chasing the Pervert inside Facebook, where ALL OF A SUDDEN, a P-Balloon (O god no) hits Peach on the head and blows her up! it turns out the P-Balloon came from a couple of Deviantart Perverts on the top of the Facebook page.

Being blown up by the P-Balloon, in these levels, Peach is forced to float up the levels for most of them to get to the top of the Facebook page. She must get more P-Balloons that are from those random boner guys to avoid falling down to the bottom of the Page.

After all that Balloony stuff, she has enough of their shit and chases those two guys (While they're having a boner) into a Facebook account. The two boner guys summon the Facebook logo to attack Peach, Peach defeats the Facebook logo that falls on top of the two boner guys, killing and turning them into coins/lunch money.

World 4 (4Chan) (COINCIDENCE?)

Peach finds a postcard from that dead guy's 'coiny' remains, it's a postcard to 4Chan.

Peach finds stuff in 4Chan like an alien picture, a real murder, and a scavenger hunt (DATS MESSED UP!). She finds another pervert fapping to a balloon (A literal balloon) and chases him to the point where he gets a picture, of LIGHTNING MCQUEEN and uses it to attack Peach!

Peach defeats Lightning Mcqueen and the pervert fucking dies (what a "Whimp"). fox

World 5 (Twitter)

She goes into Twitter and finds, another Boner guy in the weabsite, the Boner guy calls himself 'The Broner Guy, since he is a Bronh faggot who masterfaps to little ponies on the television.

He is chased into his Twitter account by Peach, but all of sudden! Twilight Sparkle on a fucking Twitter bird comes to attack Peach (All that guy had to do WAS BELIIIIIIEVE).

Peach kills her and the Broner Guy cums himself of shock.... and then he explodes into more shit.

World 6 (Fantendo Wiki) (Ya might be familiar with this one)

Peach goes into, That's right! The Fantendo Wiki, filled with nothing but good Fantendo games, shitty Fantendo games, and SUPAH SAYIN MARIO!! ALL OVER!

She clicks on Random Page and is sent to the Hot Air Princesses page, where she finds some random guy fapping to the picture (That fapping guy has DeviantART all over him!). she chases the Fapper into another page, SUPAH SAYIN MARIO!! Where she fights SUPAH SAYIN MARIO!!

She canot defeat SUPAH SAYIN MARIO!! so she must run away from SUPAH SAYIN MARIO!!.

after Running away from SUPAH SAYIN MARIO!!, the fapping guy is dead, he fapped himself to death.

World 7 (Netflix) Fox

She goes into Netflix, they recently got The Emoji Movie available! She ignores that and finds another pervert fapping to a movie about... idk, stuff for DeviantART, I guess..

She chases the guy into the movie "Tetris the Movie", and must fight the Hotdog hipster in TETRIS to proceed. She does it and the fapping person pervert dies.

World 8 (DevianART) (HOLY SHIT!)

She goes into DeviantART and finds out that the website has been turned into a Porn site now. She kills all the perverts that try to stop her, and gets to DeviantART Castle, with That guy With the Red eyes. After one final battle, he says something and then everything gets serious now.


When you get all the 7 Lucky Charms from the first seven worlds, except for World 8, you will be taken to an extra world and you'll be getting the Best Ending for sure!

Peach goes in FurAffinity and kills Furries and DeviantART pervs, then she goes to Furaffinity Palace, the place with the TRUE, MAIN Villain.

The true main villain is an orange fox with red socks and a blue shirt, his name is Fox. Peach fights Fox, after defeating Fox, Fox goes into MEGA-ULTRA-SUPAH-SEXI BEAST FORM! Where he is more dangerous and powerful than ever!

But like every game, the main villain always dies and that is the case with Fox.


In the 2.0 Update, there is an amount of Balloon statues you have to collect, the amount of balloon statues you have can affect your ending.

Regular ending (12-29 Balloon Statues)

Peach kills Fox with a trident and he is destroyed, all the furries and Deviantpervs explode and everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom is back to normal. Peach decides to celebrate he victory by being kidnapped by Bowser again. Hooray, just for that fat italian plumber to come save her again!

Bad Ending (3-11 Balloon Statues)

After defeating Fox (Not from Star Fox, another Fox named Fox), Fox flees away, and the FurAffinity Palace explodes, killing everyone inside, except for Peach, of course.

The Mushroom Kingdom is back to normal, but Peach feels like she hasn't won the battle yet, the ending is short becuase im too lazy to write anything else.

Shitty Ending (1 Balloon Statue. Ya done GOOFED, FUCKSICKLE!)

Peach kills the Fox, but Fox is Foxing secretly alive and traps Peach in a hit air balloon, so Peach in it is watching the world burn.... By Fox, she failed so bad.Fox


Peach fucking kills Fox, twice, just to make sure. Everyone who is from Deviantart or is a Furry explodes to death. The mushroom kingdom is back to normal, also Bowser is dead. Peach and her army then decides to go on a.... va-aaaa-vacation.... eh-end. (IM GETTING LAZY NOW)Fox

Power-ups (wtf!? No Umbrella guy?

Image Name Description
Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fux Fox Fux Fox Zombie mushroom (OC, donut steel) The Zombie mushroom turns Peach into Zombie Peach (Wario Land?) The only thing you can do is take off your head and roll it (Ben and Ed).
No fuckingimage P-Balloon It turns Peach into Balloon Peach! She is able to float up way high. It appears after completing World 2.
No image Hot-Air-suit (DONT SUE ME) Peach blows up much more huger (Expand dong?) than Balloon Peach, I don't what else to say except that you perverts watching this randomly are definitely getting HUGE, rock-hard boners as you read this.. ADMIT IT!
No inage Wtaer balloon Peach turns into Wtaer Peach, she is able to turn into a water and evaporate, making you lose a life. You can also hold the Wtaer balloon and THROW IT AT YOUR FUCKING ENEMIES, E-VAPOR-RIZING THEM INTO NOThing!!
No image Fire Flower Peach turns into FIYAH PEACH, and is able to TURN HER ENMEIES INTO ASHES KETCHUMS, Fox STRINGqh THAN SAYIN MYRAIIIOOOOOO!!!!! (added in 2.0 Update)
No imag Pitch Flower Added in 2.0 Update. Peach turns into Pitch I AM THE PRIIIINCESS, *PITCH*. Bowsah kidnaps you as Pitch and you play as WAA HOO.

Easter eggs

On World 1, first level, if you wait for 666 minutesFox, Dimentio can be seen flying in the backround.

On World 2; if you look closely at the Youtube accounts, you will find DeviantCringe!

One World 3. There is an enemy blocking an entrance, if you grab a Water Balloon and evaporize the Enemy, you can go in the entrance and find.... NAW-THING! (in Update 2.0, there is a jumpscare of Jeff the Killer that appears when you enter the nothng) "Fox"

On World 4, you can find a picture of Gummibär in the profile pictures. You can also find pictures of Petch and Lonk.

On world 6, if you wait for 20 minutes, Pyrostar will fly down FROM DA HEAVENS and give you a 1-Up Mishroom, and the only one in the game.

On World 7, if you go into The Emoji Movie, you are taken to some pitch-black room with nothing but the Basketball Emoji jump-roping, and an exit that will lead you to the beginning of the game. It's likely that this easter egg is a troll easter egg, due to The Emoji Movie being panned by critics.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description How to Unlock
No image Peach The main hero! Nothing special but a bitch well-known on DeviantART! Playable from the Start
No image Daisy She was kidnapped by Memes to be forced into becoming a meme, but then she was saved by Peach. Complete World 1
No image Toadette A unique-looking Toad stuck inside a Youtube video, she was saved when Peach defeated the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Guy. Complete World 2
Ni fuckingimage Rosalina She was captured by perverts and was forced to be blown up with P-Balloons just for their fapping pleasure, before they got their asses kicked.. Complete

World 3

Ni image Zelda she recently went in 4Chan, there's nothing else about her except she is from Legend of Zelda. Complete

World 4

No image Lucina From Fiee Emblam: A-What-Do-You-Call-It-Now? She is entirely pointless. CompleteWorld5
No image Delphox Oh look a Delphox! Better catch it on my GOPhone! Complete

World 6

No image Jailbreak What the Fuck!? Where did she come from? Oh well... might as well go with the fucking flow. Complete World 7.
I ni image Fox Yep, that's right! The REAL Fox from Star Fox! Not that Fox Fucko Fox man villain. Complete World 8.
Mr Bonus Mr Bonus Mr Bonus is guy who looks like a girl, but is actulally a guy, who is a gi- Wait, what the hell am I saying? Complete World 9.


  • This is the sexiest game ever.
  • If you have DevianART while playing this game, legend says you will always have a boner until you stop playing. (Unless you're feminine)
  • Satan from Super TVC Godly Bros (another crappy game made by me) makes a cameo in World 5.
  • Battleblock Theater was a pretty great platformer game.
  • Alien Hominid is very underrated.
  • If you have Supah Princess Peach 5: Return of the Internet while you also have Ben and Ed, you will be able to play as Zombie Peach in Ben and Ed.
  • Can you count how many times I said Fox?

Update history (Why the fuck not?)

  • 1.2: Added Character list and Final World.
  • 1.1: Page released

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