joke article deh duh Terra is a Star Wariorier hailing from Poop Start. A novice of three elements (shit, fire, guitar), he's quite the cheater. He is also one of the wielders of the Rainbow Stick, although he has mastered it's REAL use better than most, if not all, other wielders. He is also the only one who can call for it's gr10 grip at will, barring the exception that it has been stolen, which is never because it's sticky.

He looks like a regular poopoopoo, with a light-brown body, yellow eyes, and dark red feet. His cheeks each have one large dash across them, looking a lot like math. He has a dark strip going across the middle of each of his non existent legs, and a red rock on his forehead. The embedded rock has no known purpose except for attracting the ladies.


  • I swear if there's something on me there I WILL SHOVE THIS BLADE DOWN YOUR THROAT CRIMSON - Star Warrior Terra
  • shameless plug

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