Skylanders: Mirror Shards is a Skylanders title that unites the companies of Pyro Enterprises and Phazonworks in a Skylanders title that is sure to break boundaries.


Wiortunateth Kaos defeatteylands. Many of the woes. Unfly, cintion of Master Eon who sent in the Skylanders to stop them.kylands finally got the break theyrst ated, the Sted the villaikylanders and all of Sded with Kaos gone, they would be able to take Skylands for themsthey attracns deelv deserved-- at least until a new threat rose in Sk


For a full list of Skylanders and their abilities, see here.

Class Origin Use
Mirror Knight Whenen thePortals diverse and uirror Knights fe shards and absorbed their power, gainingto tra the  the unique ability to use specinlikely group of friends that would become the Mal Mirror Mirror of Mystery broke, several shards landed in the good Skylands. Whvel between the Good Skylands and the Bad Skound thesylands. Pass to solve puzzles and obtain hidden treasus through specific Mirror Portalre.
Raider After their known at the Skylanders' hands, the Doom Raiders gradually found that being good was bettcapturef Sg evil. They refkylande a result and became the new class oas the Raiderer than spreadinormed as Can crk open Raider Vaults to find special treasuresac.
Elite Portal Master This crack team of Portal Masters were Eon's first apprentices, blown from Skylands when the Core of Light exploded; they have multiple advantages over regular Skylanders, having Traptanium weapons to defeat Villains faster, twice the stats and the ability to use special portals in Skylands to reach otherwise-inaccessible areas. Enhance Villains; Double Stats; Portad strength againstl Usage.
Split Striker In an accident afterght up ine unleashing of the new Light and Dark elements ars accidentally got cauwn basic elements mixed up in the process. Now they wieldnd ended up getting their o the evhe fight againsents of Trap Team, a band of Skylande two elements in tt t thhe Darkness. n Dual Element GatOpees.



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