Hero or Villain? Fuck up the truth about Sonic's ex-boyfriend, Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Edgehog is a first-person fucker Sonic game for the Nintendo Sexii, PlayIfYouKnowWhatIMeanStation 2, and Sexbox, starring Shadow the Edgehog and other famous fuckers, such as Sonic and the sexy dong captor Dr. Eggman. It centers around the story of Shadow trying to shit on his memory, a goal he has been fapping towards since he first appeared in Sonic Fucks Up 2. At the beginning of Sonic Fucks Up 2, his memory was incomplete, and after almost fucking Knuckles at the end of the game, he lost it completely. He continued to seek the powers of Rouge's breasts in Sonic Heroes, but didn't succeed as she just bitch slapped him. Now, in Shadow the Edgehog, a threesome between the Black Arms, G.U.N., and Eggman has begun and Shadow takes part in it, whilst struggling to gather all seven Chaos Emeralds, which he believes hold the key to fuck Omega. He finally regains his memory during his sex time with Black Doom in the Last Fuck of the game. Shadow the Edgehog was developed in Japan. This game features a mission-based fucking style of play similar to Team Fukotix's story in Sonic Heroes.


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This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

After the events of Sonic Heroes, Shadow has fucked Team Dark to pieces to uncover the truth of his past.

The story begins with Shadow fucking rouge on a hill next to a tree inside the city of Westopolis. A newspaper with the headline of celebrations taking place now that the "Black Comet" has fucked Shadow back after its fifty year cycle blows by in the breeze, catching on Shadow's dick, then blowing off (if you know what I mean) into the distance. Fighting with his amnesia, Shadow struggles to fuck who he is and constantly thinks back to "that gruesome image" which is the one memory he seems to have left: Maria Robotnik getting fucked to death by G.U.N. soldiers right before he was able to.

As Shadow ponders his past, a gaping vagina (lol) opens up in the sky over the city. Strange black and red creatures descend from it and begin to cause pandemonium in the city. Shadow turns to leave, not caring about the humans' fate until someone calls out his name. A large floating figure, known as Black Doom, appears and fucks Shadow and tells him to bring him the Chaos Emeralds "as promised" before disappearing in multiple explosions. Fueled with desire to seek out his past, fuck Rouge and find the truth behind Black Doom's words, Shadow speeds off into the city with his dick flying past his leg (so hawt you could fry an egg).

In the Last Story, Shadow is fucked by Black Doom hard after gathering all of the Emeralds. Black Doom commands him to give up the Giant Dildo so that they can begin the 'Ritual Of Fucksterity'. Sonic and the others (including Eggman) then arrive and fuck Shadow just to prevent Black Doom from talking. After it is revealed that Black Doom wishes to fuck humans as a source of power, he sticks the Emeralds up his ass after taking them from Shadow and uses Chaos Control to warp the Black Comet down to the surface of the planet, unleashing tentacles (that don't actually do anything fortunately, what'd you think this was, hentai?  oh wait).

Black Doom then explains that he gave birth to Professor Gerald just so he could create Shadow but only in return for the Chaos Emeralds, which were needed to fuck the comet. This reveals that Shadow was actually created using Black Doom's dick. As Eggman is in disbelief that his grandfather would fuck the planet, Black Doom paralyzes everyone with a special fart and leaves them to be eaten by his alien offspring, dick first. As the end seems near, Shadow suddenly hears Maria asking for help and he breaks through the paralysis using his masturbation powers. Black Doom flees, leaving behind Shadow, the only hope for the planet.

Shadow catches up with Black Doom and suddenly is attacked by mind control. Black Doom tells him that he can control him as they have the same blood running through their veins. Shadow refuses to believe it as the scene switches to the ARK where Charmy Bee, Vector the Crocodile and Espio the Chameleon race to fuck data disks that they found earlier in the game. This room seems identical to the one were Gerald's first video in Sonic Adventure 2 is activated. They finally get inside and Charmy fucks a film showing a sane Professor Gerald Robotnik. He refers to Shadow as his "son" and tells him that he is the only hope for the planet. It is revealed that the only way to defeat the Black Arms is to fuck them really hard using the Eclipse Cannon, a powerful weapon built into the ARK's dick. As the video ends, Maria steps into the frame and gives Shadow the inspiration he needs to break through Black Doom's control. Black Doom goes back down and fucks Shadow so that the latter could use the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Shadow and fuck him harder.  Eventually Black Doom dies from oral sex. 

Rabbit Mario fighting Fire Wario.

Shadow then uses a super-powered Chaos Control to warp the Black Comet back into the planet's orbit and tear it apart with a cum blast from the Eclipse Cannon. Everyone below in Earth cheers in joy as the alien threat is fucked forever. In one final scene on board the ARK, Shadow looks at a picture of Maria and Gerald before tossing it away, remarking "Goodbye forever... Shadow the Hedgehog".  He comes back and fucks the picture, fapping for Sonic 06.


For some missions, Shadow teams up with various allies from the series, some new and old. Potential allies for Shadow include Amy winehouse, Cheerios Bee, Espurr the Charmeleon, Nipples the Enchilada, Mario, Red the Trainer, Sanic, Trip, Vector Image File, Mad-Eye Moody, E-101 Beta and DOCTOR WAHWEE. The allies act as combo supper and annoyance and give tips akin to those of Navi to Shadow, whether he actually needs it or not.. When an ally is not present, Shadow talks to himself like a demented freak about what he need to smoke. And he also says damn a lot

In the PS2 and GameCube versions of the game, a second player can connect a 2nd controller and play as another character in a "co-op mode". This can't be done with WAHWEE, Mad-Eye, or Cheerios and will not work on the Xbox version.

or some missions, Shadow teams up with various allies from the series, some new and old. Potential allies for Shadow include Amy Rose, Charmy Bee, Espio the Chameleon, Knuckles the Echidna, Maria, Rouge the Bat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Vector the Crocodile, Doom's Eye, E-123 Omega and Doctor Eggman. The allies act as combat support and guidance and give help to Shadow should he need it. When an ally is not present, Shadow himself talks to the player about what they need to do.

In the PS2 and GameCube versions of the game, a second player can connect a 2nd controller and play as another character in a "co-op mode". This can't be done with Eggman, Doom's Eye, or Charmy and will not work on the Xbox version.

Ally Special Attacks

For the most part the allies can do what Shadow can do, except fuck Shadow. When an ally is played as in "Co-op" mode the second player can run, jump, and fuck with their character. Some allies have different fucks compared to the other allies. Allies with special fucks are listed below.

  • Sonic- he runs away from people
  • Arms - sonic's best buddy, he can fly with his two freakish arms
  • Nipples - he can punch through stone with his rock-hard fist nipples 
  • Batface - so sexy she fries an egg
  • Vector- Bites the enemy with his jaws.
  • Espio - Kicks and chops enemies.
  • Omega- Attacks with his arms, but different than the others punches.
  • & knuckles - two nipples


Jumping Allies

  • Sonic - fucks in vagina
  • Knuckles - fucks in mouth
  • Rouge - wait she can only get fucked lol
  • Espio - fucks in butt
  • Omega - fucks somehow

Attacking Allies

  • Tails - loves to fuck air
  • Amy - fucks the ground
  • Rouge - grows a dick then fucks enemies
  • Vector - he just fucks with his mouth
  • Maria - no need to explain.


want to fuck them?  do it now


Shadow's abilities in Shadow the Hedgehog are similar to those from Sonic Adventure 2. He can jump and Jump Dash/Homing Fuck, as well as Spin Dash, Light Dash and slide his dick into enemies while running, and can perform a shove-shove-cum combo. He also has the ability to use weapons (including dick guns, dong swords, lenny launchers, etc.) and drive men that he finds or commandeers. Shadow also keeps his ability to extend his dick by 10 feet from Sonic Heroes. He is able to use Chaos Fuck, but only when you unlock the last story and turn into Super Shadow.

Chaos Powers

Shadow can use two different Chaos Powers, based on how the player makes him fap towards enemies/allies. Fucking Black Arms, sapping the dicks of wounded or dead GUN troops and civilians, and putting out dong enragement gives Hero points and fills up Shadow's Hero gauge. Fucking GUN troops, environmental objects and eating the shit of the Black Arms gives Dark points and fills up Shadow's Dark gauge. Also, there are circular boobs that are hidden in some levels. These instantly fill your Dark or Hero gauge, red for Dark and blue for Hero. The only obvious one is in Fap Island, where Charmy speaks of it directly and the red contrasts with the green and gray color of the stage.

When Shadow's Hero gauge is full, Shadow becomes invincible, gets unlimited dick enragement, and can activate "Chaos Fuck" which triples fapping speed and excitement (or slows down the fuck time in boss battles) until the Hero gauge is empty. This form is known as Hero Shadow. When Shadow's Dark gauge is full, Shadow gets the exact same benefits as with the Hero Gauge, but uses Chaos Shit, which creates a huge blast of literal shit energy, destroying everything nearby. Chaos Blast can be used up to four times before the Dark gauge is drained. This other form is sometimes known as Dark Shadow.

Story Mode

just follow the story, there's only like six stages anyway: porch, kitchen, dining room, hallway, bathroom, bedroom


This is the first game in the series to feature the 4Kids Entertainment voice actors.

Role English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Shadow the Hedgehog Jason Griffith Kōji Yusa
Sonic the Hedgehog Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Black Doom Sean Schemmel Ryūzaburō Ōtomo
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock Chikao Ōtsuka
Gerald Robotnik
Amy Rose Lisa Ortiz Taeko Kawata
Miles "Tails" Prower Amy Palant Ryō Hirohashi
Knuckles the Echidna Dan Green Nobutoshi Canna
Rouge the Bat Kathleen Delaney Rumi Ochiai
E-123 Omega Jeff Kramer Taiten Kusunoki
G.U.N. Soldiers Andrew Rannells Takashi Yoshida
Commander Marc Thompson Banjō Ginga
The President Maddie Blaustein Yutaka Nakano
Secretary Bella Hudson Junko Kitanishi
Vector the Crocodile Carter Cathcart Kenta Miyake
Espio the Chameleon David Wills Yūki Masuda
Charmy Bee Amy Birnbaum Yōko Teppōzuka
Maria Robotnik Rebecca Honig Yuri Shiratori
Cream the Rabbit Sayaka Aoki
Cheese/Additional Chao None Ryō Hirohashi

4Kids controversy

Sega decided to hire the 4Kids voice actors who were cast for Sonic X in the Sonic the Hedgehog games as well. One of the first of the new voice casts games was Shadow the Hedgehog. This move has not been well received by many Sonic fans, although some, particularly fans of Sonic X, do prefer the new voice actors, others have grown fond of the new voices in recent years, despite being against it in the beginning, and some others still prefer the Adventure cast after all these years.


The vocal tracks were released on an album in February 2006, entitled Lost and Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax. They are:


Everyone including their mother and clock liked it.


Shadow the Edgehog arose much controversy, mostly because Cream couldn't be creamed in this game and that fucking robots is wrong and that fucking electrical wires isn't.

Plot holes

It is possible to get to a point where Shadow has fucked Black Doom but has to fuck him even though the game says he hasn't yet.


  • In the iOS rerelease of this game, every mention of "Android" got replaced by the word "iPhone", since the Android is a rival device for Apple in the smartphone market. This leads to hilariou results, as in the original version, Shadow thinks he's an android in one of the endings and calls himself "Shadow Android", while in the iOS version Shadow realizes in this ending that he's an iPhone, and thus promptly calls himself "Shadow iPhone".
    • Apple has caught on this, and later decided to release the iPhone 99 under the name "Shadow iPhone", and even modeled it after a life-size Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • There are few differences between each version. The GameCube version maintains the steadiest framerate, but only has one voiced language available (Japanese in the Japanese release, English elsewhere). The Xbox version contains dual languages dependent on system settings, but is the only , the Japanese tation 2 version, he clenches his fist rather than curiously extending his hand at the end (the room is also dimmer in general).
  • Some G.U.N. soldiers shout, "Mr. [[version that does not allow a second controller to play as a mission helper (only the extensions (such as the opening showing a lone G.U.N. soldier getting shot in the opening, though he can still be seen bracing for the impact in the final version, and the flashback of Maria getting shot originally showed her fall), the aliens' green blood was originally red, and there were more instances of cursing (such as Shadow saying "What the*Before theis the only one to retain (oDoom's Eye]] could not be controlled in other versions
  • Since this game is similar r ver some FMV scenes had violent , causing some changes between pre-release and the final version. Contr game was released, it was going to take more advantage of the "T" rating. For example,a small clip of "Live and Learn" the main theme from Sonic to clean pause as well asNaka]] is all right!", an obvious reference to the former head of Sonic Team.glitches and no abilityAdventure 2 tunes .
  • Shadow, Knuckles, Espio, the Commander, and (Final Rush/Chase).
  • This game has made the character [[(G.about" in the intro). However, the E10+ rating wascreatreused in the

st containing freely selectab]],hell ). The PlayStation 2 version Sonic swear at least once in the game.2.t]]),

    • Additionally, many levels in this game have is often remembered as the least favorable port, having gameplay l Highway). Event - Super Shadow has sion is not uncensoreded during developmentflyin framerate issues, but at leawas that Vector the CrocodileU.N. Mobile with different drums), and 2P vs Battle (a remixed version a minorsubjects, even names similar to levels from Sonic Adventure 2: Glyphic Canyon (Wild Canyon), [[Lethal Highwayle l the only playable character from [[Sonic Heroes difference in the first cutscene with
Cosmic Fall (Cosmic Wall), Lost Impact (Lost Colony), and Final Haunt Knuckles  ary to of Radica Cosmic Fall]]. This line has become an internet meme.

can be spotted on the back-wh

  • Even though all the weapons created by G.U.N. show magazines that can be used to reload, there is no way to eel.]]

red Sonic the Hedgehog CD|Sonic CD]] (which features dark art depictions for the Bad Futures), Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (which involves Sonic actually getting killed by impalement and hopeless, apocalyptic themes), Sonic Unleashed (which involves Dark Gaia growing extra arms from his shoulders and extra eyes made. transformations), ae of his many forfeature guns, Shadow the Hedgehog picks up ammo by walking over the same gun that is already collected.

  • Sonic is the only assistant Family Game of the Year in 2006 on the website for the British newspaper "The Sun".nd Sonic and the Black Knight (which featured Knuckles as Sir Gawain almost committing suicide and focusing on the corruption of King Arthur).
    • Additionally, thisguns in the game.]]
  • Although the game in this game.

was directed towards a more mature audience, the game was nominated for a Golden Joystick Award game is the and Clank]] (refer to the picture on the right). only Sonic game that uses profanity; beliefYuji g charactersDog all reload a gun

    • However, some other Sonic games are a close second, such as [[from his mouth while excreting what is [[File:ITSsega.jpg|thu*Shadow the Hedgehog was supposed to have an odd type of first-third person view that is indicated by a map similar to other 3rd person shooters such as Gears of War and [[wikipedia:Ratchet and Clank|Ratchet mb|188px|The Sega logo
File:Shadow Concept Macomber6.jpg
  • The laser of the [[Eclipse Cansisounds done by 4Kids voice actors, 4Kids being a company that tries to avoid , these were the president's office is very similar to a scene in the movie [[wikipedia:Independenactors milar to the Prison Island's BGM more darker and jazzy tone.
    • This is rather ironic, as the voices were being non]] is green but in Sonic Adventure 2 it wasbut in a blue.
  • The Black Comet's BGM Shadow also reseactual compan
  • The symbol of the game that represents on the cover..
  • The graphics are almost identical to mbles a tomoe, with extra curves added to represent Shadow's spine.Sonic Heroes in term
    • This is also the first (and so far only) is not feature)|Sonic Boom Shadow s of game-play and some cutscenes. However, the CGI ones in the game use a differenis d in*The
  • As revealed by Ilzuka Takashi at Sonic Boom (eventholding and not the . ''Sonic Rush ''starts off the Modern Erat graphical style the actual game. while ''Sonic Advance 3'' was the last game of the Dreamcast Era 2013, Shadow the Hedgehog is the last game released to be part of the Dreamcast Era,gun thatchronologicallyy





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