Raphael is Mario and Luigi's long, lost brother that ran away from home only at age of 4. Luigi completely forgot about him and Mario could barely remember. One day, the Mario bros were riding on yoshis to save Princess Peach once again. They heard slight movement in/near bushes. Luigi got scared and stepped back, Mario was brave and jumped to the bush. "Show Yourself! I will-a-kill you if you don't-a-come out!" Mario yells. Raphael slowly walks out. "M-Mario? Is that actually you bro?" Raphael quietly says. Mario gasps. "Raphael!!! I thought we would never see you again! Or even think of your death! Raphael hugs Mario and jumps on his yoshi. "Alright than, Raphael, Your gonna help-a-us journey and defeat-a-Bowser!" Mario explains happily. And the three bros defeat King Bowser and Peach meets him.

Clothes/Extra Info

Raphael wears a light blue shirt and an 'R' labled hat, Dark blue overalls, brown shoes, and white gloves. He is the shortest and smartest mario brother (but Mario still stands the bravest). Raphael's favorite food is pepperoni pizza and pasta.

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