pumanon is lumanins cousin

he been accuse of lot of thing


  1. stole badge
  2. stole meme
  3. hack wiki
  4. hack wiki twice
  5. hack wiki 3 time
  6. made out with masterbravenwolf
  7. did sex (o no!)
  8. he follow furry porn blog on tumblr
  9. he hack water
  10. he hack oxygen
  11. he hack freedom of speech
  12. he hack womens rights
  13. he hack bathtub (;-;)
  14. he hack dishwasher
  15. he may have kild lumanin
  16. he like troll face
  17. he delete sys 32
  18. hes alive

good thing he did

  1. truce with legendaryice

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