This piece of awesomeness was on Fantendo's Wall of Shame, meaning it deserves extra praise and attention!
Presidents Racing Wii
Developer(s) James Buchanan
Publisher(s) 605619
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
6th July 2012
Media Included Roosevelt Theme,Obama Theme,George Bush Sr's Revenge!,Nixon Champions
Series Presidents


Grand Prix

Time Trials

Rival Mode


Wii WiFi Connection Online

Starting Presidents

Abraham Lincoln

Theodore Roosevelt

George Washington

John Adams

James Madison

John Tyler

George W. Bush

Jimmy Carter

Unlockable Presidents

Thomas Jefferson

James Monroe

John Quincy Adams

Martin Van Buren

Wiliam Henry Harrison

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Johnson

James K. Polk

Ulysses S. Grant

James A. Garfield

Benjamin Harrison

Grover Cleveland

Chester A. Arthur

Zachary Taylor

Millard Fillmore

Franklin Pierce

James Buchanan

George H. W. Bush

Ronald Reagan

Richard Nixon

John F. Kennedy

Barack Obama

Wiliam McKinley

Herbert Hoover

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Franklin D. Rossevelt

Woodrow Wilson

Bill Clinton

Warren G. Harding

Calvin Coolidge

Gerald Ford

Rutherford B. Hayes

Wiliam Howard Taft

Harry S. Truman

Lyndon B. Johnson


Eagle Cup:White House,Jefferson Memorial,W.Wilson Memorial Bridge

Evil Star Cup:Reagan Memorial,Nixon's Circuit,Eisenhower's Highway

Champions Cup:John Adams Memorial,Lincoln Memorial,McKinley's Speedway

Maple Leaf Cup:N64 Truman's Mountain,GBA Obama Library,GBA Obama Library II

Party Cup:DS Rutherford Statue,SNES LBJ's Medival Zone,GBA Obama Library III

Superstar Cup:SNES Clinton's Lava Land,DS Harding Statue,Theodore Rossevelt's Road.

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