yea this things been around since like what, 1995. but today in the year 2015 a new page has appeared! about fuck all pokemon.

this game is epic to john, he can hardly contain himself. he has played them all and caught them all and has all the plushies. in PROE (prinounced pro m8) you can play in 5D! john again has been playing with this, and is like "WOAH THIS IS OP I CAN QUICKSCOPE THEM ALL GET REEEKT", but what he didnt know was that he was actually in the world of POKEMOON so he turned around and got knock'd out by lickitylick or.. something like that this was like 2003 ok dont blame me.

please help johnbray get through his- i mean.. lucas harder get through his life with out lickity lick slobber all over him. plez donet this is wat hapnd:

also btw did i mention this was an E3 demo?


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