NOTE: This is a joke game made to make fun of terrible Creepypasta stories about haunted games, and is not meant to be serious.

Pac-Man: Rebirth is a video game that was found at a garage sale, released in 2013 on Xbox by Namco and Sega for the Wii U. It is notable for being the only horror Pac-Man game, as well as the only M-rated Pac-Man game. It is the 3rd best selling game ever released by Namco, with only the original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man surpassing it.
File:Pacman rebirth.png

The Story (spooky)

They're coming for you...the ghosts of your past...

You know what you did. Don't deny it...

It's your turn to feel the pain...

We won't rest until you're dead...

You can run, but you can't hide...

From Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde...

...Have fun, (victim's name)! A bloody face then appears that says "(eman s'mitciv) nuf evaH".

The Gameplay (spookier)

The game is a first person version of Pac-Man, but with a darker tone. Much more realistic violence is used, with realistic blood and gore and BLOOD scattered on the walls of the maze, knives used as weapons by the ghosts, and other things. References to terrorist attacks and other things of that nature are referenced in a jokelike way. When Pac-Man dies, the screen fades to black, a screaming sound is heard, there's blood, and you go back to where you left off (or, if all lives are lost, a simple Game Over screen).

The game has 40 levels, with the last level being an exit leading to Pac-Man's house. When Pac-Man walks in, it is pitch black. This lasts for nearly a minute until the lights turn on, revealing Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man sitting on their couch as if nothing ever happened. Then there is hyper realistic blood. Then a message is displayed:

"Pac-Man will never again mix power pellets and pot."

It is then revealed that Pac-Man was walking around his house for almost 3 weeks straight, while hallucinatng ghostly bloody figures in an almost endless maze of his imagination. It is also states that Pac-Man has gone to rehab. The game then ends, but oddly, Pac-Man: Rebirth can't be played again. If the disc is put in and the game has already been completed, a collection of 15 different Pac-Man games appear, including Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Attack, and others. The strangest part is that after being beaten, a Pac-Man toy with blood stains under his eyes appears on the victim's bed!

Trivia (spookiest)

  • In early copies of the PS3 version, if the L and R buttons are held down while the game is completed, a message will pop up, saying "The game is over. Never forget it.". The true meaning of this odd statement is unknown, but it is scary.

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