Obama's adventure is a Game for Nintendo Donald trump.


Episode 1, Obama meets Muffet:

Level Name Desc. Trump Coin Places Boss
The Adventure begins! A normal level with Normal enimies, need to say more? 1: As any character,You have to buy at least 3 HotDogs from Sans, then he will fart the first Trump coin

2: As Muffet, you must climb over the 4th wall, there you will find a hidden shop owned by Donald Trump,He will give you the secend Trump Coin for 99.99&

3:As any Character, you must enter a hidden door wich is right near Sans's shop, you enter the door to a secret room, with W.D. Gaster, if you talk to him, he will trigger a hidden Boss battle against him, the boss is pretty hard. But if you suceed the fight with Gaster, he will reword you with the last Trump Coin in the level.

taylor swift, W.D. Gaster (Hidden)
Underground A underground level, DUH! 1: as Muffet, at the very start of the level,climb the wall that normally blocks you from proceding without the pipe, if you do, you will enter a secret room, with a shop owned by Springtrap, if you enter his shop and don't buy anything, Springtrap will trigger a hidden boss fight with him, if you suceed the boss, he will give you a discount with everything in his shop 30% off and give you the first Trump Coin

2:as any character,you must climb the spider web near the checkpoint, if you do,a giant spider will come and barf out the secend Trump Coin

3: As Spongebob, you must blow a bubble near the 3rd wall and jump on the bubble to give you a boost on top of the wall. If you Suceed, W.D. Gaster will come and say: "I now forgive you, take my Forgiving Present" in Wingdings, he will then give you the last Trump coin in the level.

Springtrap (Hidden)
Sky Hi Bruh I BELEVE I CAN FLY! 1: near the 4th Green Mushroom platform and 5th Trio of clouds, yu must fall down to a invisible platform. Then you must enter a Invisible door, you will then enter a Completly black room, Gray Kid will be seen, if you talk to him he will say: "..." and then dissipear, leaving a Trump Coin with him, but if you enter the room as Muffet, he will say:"..." "hey, I know you somewhere" "I think you're evil" and then triggers a Secret boss fight against him,after you suceed the boss, Gray Kid will say: "..." "Why...Would....You...Do...this..." and then die, leaving the first Trump Coin and his soul with the coin, if you collect his soul, you will be invincible for the rest of the level

2: If you defeat every single flying enime in the level,you will grow wings for only that level, if you fly over the goal. Gaster will be seen,then he will say: "..... Goodbye" in Wingdings, he will then fade away leaving the secend Trump Coin.

3: if you make the Word puzzle say TEMMIE or TEM with all upercase, Temmie will come and say: "hOI!" She will then enter the exit door, you must catch her before she beats you to the goal, if you suceed, Temmie will say: "aWWWW mON! hAV hART! gIVE tEMIE mONS 4 cOLLEG!" AND THEN GICE YOU THE lAST tRUMP COIN IN THE LEVEL.

Gray Kid


RANDOM RACE GATTA GO FEST! 1: As Shrek, you must break open a cracked wall, if you enter the cracked wall, a shop owned by BB, if you talk to him, it will trigger a boss battle with him, if you suceed the boss, he will blow up and give you the first Trump Coin BB (Hidden)


Obama is back!01:01

Obama is back!

The game's main theme

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