Reggie seconds before death whilst revealing this console

Nintendo Timecube is a console by nintendo that's been in development for 100 years. It got released in 6/9/2699 because 69 is a sex position which is fucking hilarious.

The Timecube is Nintendos most innovative console yet. It basically allows you to manipulate time, and have fun at the same time! The console comes bundled with "Dinosaur Age" and "Revolutionary War". 


The console developed sometime in 2500 when the robot recreation of reggie thought of an idea: what if we could make a console in which you can time travel in, yet have fun at the same time. And then they started researching time travel. WHilst making the console it went under several names: Nintendo Switch Time Periods, Wii Travel, Dual Split in the SPACE TIME CONTINIUM, but in the end decided to go with Timecube, as a reference from their console 600 years ago.

The console got announced in a Nintendo Direct, where Reggie was freaking out and died in a time portal. Fans thought it was fake, and just a marketing technique

they were dead fucking wrong. He's fucking dead.

the Nintendo Timecube sold 50,000,000,000 units in sales approximately. 


  • Super George Washington Brothers
  • The Legend of Dinos: The T-Rex of Time
  • Metroid Prime 3000
  • Animal Crossing: Pangea

Add your own if you want

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