DO NOT EDIT!!! Nintendo V.S Moshi Monsters: Sports Showdown! is the firs instalment of the Nintendo V.S Moshi Monsters francise. It will be relesed on May 30 2083 on Wii U and Nintendo Next.



Blue Slime from Dragon Quest

Wocky from Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Bonkers from Kirby

Kirby from Kirby

Spike from Mario

Shelly from Moshi Monsters

Shoney from Moshi Monsters

Reggie from Moshi Monsters

Poppet from Moshi Monsters

Super Moshi from Moshi Monsters

Unlock able

Tiny Kong from Donkey Kong

Donkey Long from Donkey Kong

Mario from Mario

The Moshi Sun from Moshi Monsters

Ziggy from Moshi Monsters

Blue Jeppers from Moshi Monsters



Cry Baby from Moshi Monsters


Truck Racing Challenge

Belt Run

Nine People Baseball


La Crosse 

BMX Racing

ATV Adventure

Deep Dive Sky Diving

Connect 5

Log Rolling


Fomula 1 Racing

Sumo Wrestilng


And More!

Fun Corner

Would you like some tea??

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