Nintendo Sexiier is the second system in the Sexii line, after Nintendo's success with the Sexii, all the units were sold out. So Nintendo invented the Sexiier (known in development as the Sexii 2)


Disney Series

  • Piglet and Tigger's Fun Day - Piglet and Tigger have gay sex orgies in the Hundred-Acre Wood.
  • Mickey Mouscapades - Mickey must rape Daisy before Donald comes home.
  • Donald Duckcapades - Donald must rape Pluto before Goofy comes home.

Sonic Series

  • Sonic Shuffle 2 - Sonic and his friends invited hookers and have STDs at Robotnik's house.

RebelTaxi Series

  • Rave Her Vagina! - Pan must give Raven a blowjob before Kermit the Frog arrives.

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