Nilats and the war against capitalism is the first prototype of the arcade game Donkey Kong.

It was meant to be a propaganda tool for Nintendo in order to spread their communist ideology however it was ultimately scrapped


When Shigeru Miyamoto was assigned by Nintendo to convert the poorly selling Radar Scope into a great game, he immediately thought to make a video game to encourage kids to become communists.

The original plot involved Nilats (subtle pun...), a communist worker who tries to save Pauline, a kolkhoz woman kidnaped by Nagaer (...), an evil capitalist monster which does evil things because he's really evil.

In May 1981, two months before the release of the game, Shigeru Miyamoto realised that the subliminal message he wanted to spread in his game was too obvious so he decided to mitigate the communist symbols in order to preserve the American and European market. The game was renamed Donkey Kong, Nilats has been replaced by Jumpman, Nagaer was replaced by Donkey Kong, the sickle item was deleted (but the hammer is still present), etc...

Although Nilats and Nagaer aren't present in the game anymore, Jumpman (or Mario in US) still symbolise a communist worker even to these days, and Donkey Kong still represents capitalism, though it was replaced by Bowser in later games, which now symbolise fascism.


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