I will end the day...the ones who put me down...will be turned to dust...I am Nightstreak. Your worst nightmare.

Trevor Adenlonski, or "Nightstreak", is a super villain. He was enhanced by a special rock known as "Tanium," transforming him into a being that can fly, and open portals to other dimensions.


Trevor Adenlonski was a well mannered teenager. He got straight A's, and he was smarter than anyone in his grade. Eventually, he had to go to his uncle's for a while, due to his parents having to do an important job in Oklahoma.

At that time, he was touring his uncle's house when he found a glowing purple rock. He touched it, and started changing. He started becoming more beast-like, and his brain was going corrupt due to it's power.

He eventually found an army of villains. The group contained Couy, Kkkk, UMG, UTG, AwesomenessGoku, Dfrang, and Nightstreak from another dimension. They tried to take over Fantendo City and the Activision Dimension itself.

Eventually, Locky and his friend, Exotoro, put an end to all of them, converting Nightstreak to a human form, eventually killing him. However, a bit of the rock's energy became a living thing, and slithered away into the next world.


In both forms, he has none. He is emotionless and has to rely on crappy cliches in order to act like a someone.


  • He has a nickname called "Phazon."

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