This piece of awesomeness was on Fantendo's Wall of Shame, meaning it deserves extra praise and attention!
Rating: PG-13In this game, you go through "classic" games from the origianal game, Newspaper Dedede. go through 2 classic games, all on 1 Nintendo DS. 


Like I said previously, there are 2 games. Newspaper Dedede: Return of the Jackson, and Waddle Doink Adventure. Both games are fairly short, but both have very different storylines.

Return of Jackson

in the game Return of Jackson, Newspaper Dedede was laying on his porch when the newspaper came. it said "New celebrity Micheal Jackson may be taking over the news with the help from little kids shows!" now Newspaper Dedede had been through this twice, so he could handle it, with the help of Waddle Doink.

In this game, you have VERY choppy movements. The A button is use your hammer, you can also collect hammers, this table will show you all of the hammers:

Prank hammer power: 2/10
Your hammer power: 3/10
Awesome hammer power: 5/10
Epic hammer power: 7/10
The hammer power10/10

Also, the b button lets you jump, and the control pad makes you move.

There are 7 worlds that have very simple names. World 1 is Newspaper #1, World 2 is Newspaper #2 and so on. Each world has one boss.

world             boss

1                    Barney

2                    John Lennen

3                    Bob the Builder

4                    Lady Gaga

5                    Yo Gabba Gabba

6                    Teletubby Nega

7                    Micheal Jackson.

Waddle Doink's Adventure

The game starts when Waddle Doink needs to clean his room, so he creates a robot to do it, exept he didn't go to robot building school, so the robot gets a little out of hand. It goes against him and hides in his yard. apparently, later when he called Newspaper Dedede to come and help, he found out that it turned its base into a secret hide out, so Waddle Doink took a plane to Chicago, and then brought up his courage to go back!


Each world has its own theme:

Chicago is a big city, in the game, most people there are nice and help you out.

Maryland is pretty much the same but the presidant is always after you.

Virginia is wet and has a lot of water.

Kentucky has fried chicken raining from the sky.

Illinois has many flowers, which give you allergies.

Minnisota has a lot, (1000 at least) lakes

Canada is very cold, there are not many people, but there are many enemies, (including the boss)


The bosses for the worlds are:             

World 1: Angry Mob

World 2: The Presedent

World 3: Sea Monster

World 4: Colonel Sanders

World 5: a Giant Bee

World 6: Paul Bunyon

World 7: The Robot

Other Information

You can also unlock over 10 pieces of artwork by collecting coupons that are spread across the games, same with soundtracks. 

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