You guys can't envision the final collapse of capitalism? Incredible!

Fucky LAnd is the first WOrld in New Super Mario Bros. Quiznos. It is filled with Koopas, Goopas, and Chaloopas.


World 1-1: Marxist Fields

A simple level with Goombas and Koopas. To clear it, however, Mario must envision the final collapse of capitalism.

Enemies: Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Goomba Troopa, Fucky Foopa

World 1-2: I'm gay

Takes place during a gay pride parade. Pokeyfan49 is there, yo. The first autoscrolling level.

Enemies: Gay Goomba, Pokey

World 1-3: This isn't funny and I'm sorry

Just a short video of Pokeyfan49 apologizing for being unfunny.

World 1-Tower: chungy

He's here

Enemies: Dry Bones, fucky Foopa, turtle, Turle

Boss: Chungy

World 1-4: KRingus Day

A wintery level. a Christmas elvel. King crhismtus. Merry chundos.

Enemies: Goopa, Tornga, Troopa Goonda, GROoomba Tropoa, Poeky

World 1-5: mario is Under Water god dammit

At no point in the level does the player go underwater, although water is present.

Enemies: Cheep cheep, Big Bertha, Goobma

World 1-6: Communism Skills

There are many spinning hammers and sickles in this level. Mario can jump on them, but he can get hurt by the sharp part of the sickle. The first athletic level, yo.

Enemies: Koopa, Paratroopa

World 1-A: Goomba

The only objects in the level are Goombas. Mario doesn't even have a spawn point. Miyamoto's 3-year-old grand nephew designed this unclearable level.

Enemies: goobma

World 1-Castle: Karl's Kommunism Kastle

This is Karl Marx's castle and it features the hammers and sickles from 1-6 except more deadly. There are bad guys in this level yo. Watch out.

Enemies: dry Bones, Turtles,  goomba Troopa, Mucher, Hammer Bro

Boss: Karl Marx

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