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Neville, the Deathbringer
Neville, the Deathbringer
Current Age Ageless
Date of Birth January 15, ????
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Species Unspecified
Living Town Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Class Deathbringer
Main Weapon(s) Himself
Main Element(s) Death
Vulnerable to Norwegian Food
First Appearance The beginning of time
Latest Appearance Never
Current Status(es) Deathbringer
Main Ability/ies Can bring death
Affiliation(s) Death
Alias(es) Neville
Relative(s) Everyone
Voice Actor(s) Patrick Warburton

Neville, the Deathbringer is a being that brings death. He is considered by some to be the most dangerous of all things living. It is said that staring into his smile will make your blood boil and your internal organs melt, which has been proven by over 7 million casualties attributed to this, which is approximately 0.0000000000000003% of his total kill count. It is impossible to defeat him unless you know how to cook Norwegian food, and it is also very rare to come across him.


Neville was born at the beginning of time to Mr. Bob Deathbringer and Mrs. Patrice Deathbringer in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. At an early age he displayed great interest in classical music and began to play the bassoon, resulting in him becoming the world's best bassoon player by the time dinosaurs began to walk. His favorite food was triceratops leg, something he now misses in the modern world.

After his parents met their doom to a famous warrior from Slovenia, he fled to Indonesia, where he learned to speak Indonesian Bahasa as well as his native tongue, Kyrgyz. He only knows these two languages. He gained education in the Philippine Islands where he was taught by the only person who could be beside him without dying - a blind paraplegic nun, named Maria Velarosa De La Cruz Dolores Santiago II. She taught him the ways of the ninja and how to eat. Because he loved to eat, he set out the world, looking for things to eat. In the now modern world, his favorite cuisine hails from Jamaica and Kiribati, and he has found that food made in Norway makes him sick. He later went on to get a job at Burger King, from where he got fired because of all the dead customers. This made him dislike Burger King and so he went on to find a hobby in chess, which he was the world champion for his opponents always died when trying to read his facial expression, of which there is only one.

Nowadays, he has a grande plan to destroy the country of Sweden because he doesn't like that place very much, and he spends his days watching the Pokémon anime. In a recent interview, he retorted that he enjoys watching a show where all the main cast have a combined IQ of 35. His favorite Pokémon is Girafarig. He currently resides somewhere in Nicaragua.


Neville appears in all games from +Plus Games as an Easter Egg. Finding him results in an instant game over.

Fantendo - The Dark Realms

Neville appears in this game as an Easter Egg which can be found by performing a long series of tedious tasks: First, one must sell all of their items in a shop in the Skyrise City, until the amount sold is Ħ666, 666. Then, one must spend all of that money on items from the Junkyard in the Portal Horizon. The items must then all be discarded, and the player must travel by foot across all the main story Fantendo worlds in order without warping, which will break the sequence. Once finished, the player must return to the Icicle Ascent, where they must search for a yellow orb, which is randomly placed in the map. Once the orb is found, the player must jump off the summit of the Icicle Ascent, which usually would cause a game over. Instead, the player is warped to a room with Neville in it, who speaks Kyrgyz and gives the player Ħ999, 999, 999. However this is useless as the player cannot escape, forcing them to look at Neville, who by looking at him causes and instant Game Over. Afterwards, the save file is wiped clean completely for 36 hours. Any attempt to use that file during those 36 hours will result in another instant death for the player as Neville appears as soon as the file loads, and another 36 hours will pass.

The Legend of Neville: Operation Norway

Neville stars as the titular character in his first game. However, he can only be unlocked after the main story has been completed with the 4 default characters; Ãôðøþé Ðáþý, Maria, Carlos and Barryenzo. In the main story, he has gone missing and it may be linked to the evil nation of Sweden-IKEA which has threatened to take over the world.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive

Neville makes his Fantendo Smash Bros. debut in Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive, as an unlockable character. In the game, many of his abilities, such as the ability to kill simply by staring at people, have been removed or changed drastically in order to balance him. His series logo is the IKEA logo with a strike through it, showing his dislike of the store and its origin country.



Neville is a white blob with a face that can kill anybody except blind nuns from the Philippines. His looks an literally kill. He is approximately the size of a Shiba Inu. His eyes are black as void and his smile is death inducing. He has pale white skin.


Neville loves playing the bassoon and chess. He is a fan of classical music and he hates Burger King. He is picky on his soft drink choices; He only drinks boiling Sprite, and hates Tepid Cola. He is a happy person always. Happy to help, happy to be a good member of his community and happy to bring mass death and destruction everywhere.


Maria Velarosa De La Cruz Dolores Santiago II

File:Maria Velarosa De La Cruz Dolores Santiago II.png

She is his only companion that can stand by his side without dying violently. She is kind towards him and he shows a lot of affection towards her. Maria is a world renowned speed demon, reaching speeds of 129mph in her wheelchair. She achieved this training from Neville himself. She sometimes is seen without a wheelchair nowadays because eating noodles makes her powerful.

Ãôðøþé Ðáþý

File:This is neville's Belarusian wife.png

Ãôðøþé Ðáþý is Neville's wife. She is from Belarus and always cooks him his favortie meals. She loves his bassoon playing as well. Their marriage is a happy and joyous one, but people are thinking that Ãôðøþé is plotting to kill Neville by secretly overloading him with Norwegian cuisine. She denies these claims by decapitating people who question her motives, though. Neville buys her lots of designer items and shoes. He also composed her theme song which reflects her home country. The only time the couple argue is when Belarus doesn't qualify to the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Baryyenzo is Neville's best friend, who also hates Sweden. Barryenzo speaks only in Icelandic and Finnish, much like Neville who can only speak in Kyrgyz and Indonesian Bahasa. Neville often visits Barryenzo in his house, in Wales where Barryenzo conducts mass destruction while listening to obscure bands. Barryenzo will normally fine you over 1 billion in whatever currency he's into at the time if you are late, but he only fines Neville's lack of punctuality by making him pay in rice, because rice is really tasty.

Anastasiya Vinnikova

Neville is best friends with Supreme Dictator and Ruler of Everything, Anastasiya Vinnikova, who is from Belarus and sung the song, "I Love Belarus", having it deep inside and "Born in Belorussia" where time is Russian and everything is Russian passing by. She is Neville's favorite singer and Ãôðøþé Ðáþý is taken lessons from her in how to become the most fabulous thing ever. However nobody can be as splendid as Anastasiya.


Carlos is an acquaintance of Neville from Portugal who is a scientist. He met Neville while Neville was visiting Portugal and invited him to his house for a place to stay for the night. He somehow cannot be killed by Neville's stare, and this is attributed to the special lenses in his glasses that he wears which was made by his ex-boyfriend, Steve, who is an asshole. He now lives with his current boyfriend, Mark and they take care of Neville when he visits Portugal. Recently, he has joined Neville on his journeys, using his Acid-Spewing Dual Kitten Cannon™ to attack all the foes. It seems that he and Neville like to get stoned together.


Neville loves Norway as it is a beautiful place and the people are friendly. He dislikes their food, however.


Neville dislikes Sweden and would like to get rid of it. It is the base of the evil corporation of IKEA.


Neville likes Mozambique because they speak Portuguese and the flag has an AK-47 on it.


Neville really likes people. He likes helping people on their lives and being a good person, except he kills everyone. He doesn't seem to care though.

Views on Countries of the World

Neville has opinions on every country of the world.


Country Opinion



Neville thinks Albania's flag is one of beauty; not only because of the 5:7 ratio, but because he likes birds, and so a double headed one is always a good sign. However he is confused that the country whose name sounds like Albino has no white on their flag.



The Catalan Language is one of Neville's favorites, so he loves Andorra for having it as its main one. He likes cows, and there are two of them on Andorra's flag, which is always a plus. His favorite thing to do in Andorra is skiing.



Neville has mixed feelings on Austria. While he thoroughly enjoyed the Sound of Music, he was mad that when he finally arrived there nobody was singing and the music scene was terrible.



Neville's wife Ãôðøþé Ðáþý is from Belarus so he likes this country. He loves Belarus and has it deep inside, feeling it in his mind. When he sees the sun shining from above, Belarus would always be the one he can't get enough. Also he made his wife's theme song about Belarus.



Neville fears Belgians because they are the most threatening race in the world apart from the Norwegians. Neville upholds Belgium as his noble rival and ally and he often goes to Belgium to eat the most delicious waffles he's ever tasted, because Belgian food is amazing.

Bosnia & Herzegovina


Neville hates Bosnia & Herzegovina because it takes so long to type its name. He thinks that the country is very overrated in the Eurovision Song Contest as well and if it weren't for that show, he wouldn't know it existed either.



Neville dislikes Bulgaria because of his former friend and now mortal enemy, Milen, an obese, stuck up and stupid freak who became a bitch. As such, due to the way his mind works, one bad Bulgarian means all Bulgarians are bad. This logic only applies to Bulgaria.



Croatia is a place of mixed feelings for Neville. He likes the name because the last part sounds like Asia, but the country itself was a very forgettable experience for Neville, and although he'd like to return to it as he feels he didn't explore enough, he is banned from the country due to the mass deaths he caused.



To Neville, Cyprus is a cheap holiday destination full of drunk and idiotic British tourists that he would like to get away from. He likes the natives though, for they are very kind.

Czech Republic


Neville went to the Czech Republic one day and got so wasted from all the beer that he killed everyone in a 50 mile radius. He likes Czech food also, and always goes there to buy Lentilky, which are actually Smarties. He prefers Lentilky though because of the cooler name.



Neville went to Denmark to try its food once and after two spoons he got diabetes. However, since he cannot die, he ate more until all the rødgrød med fløde in Denmark was gone, and eating his millionth spoonful cured his diabetes.



Neville loves Estonia because it's like Finland except with more vodka. Even the languages are similar which is a plus. Neville thinks Estonia should be considered to be a Nordic country rather than a Baltic one. He thinks the flag is also extremely awesome and considers himself an Estofan (fan of Estonia)



Neville loves Finland because their language is awesome and Finland in Finnish is Suomi, which sounds like a ninja technique. Helsinki is his favorite city in northern Europe and he hopes to get rid of all the Swedish people in Finland soon, as well as all the Swedish-speaking Finns from Finland, which are called Fennoswedes. This is because he hates Sweden, because Sweden.



Despite being cheese-eating surrender monkeys to the rest of the world, Neville respects the French as they uphold a long and rich history, especially with the amazing invention of the guillotine, Neville's favorite device in terms of decapitation. Neville loves French food, but he rarely goes there anymore because the streets smell of piss.



Neville loves Germany because it's a vibrant place with lots of food. He desires to create his own business based in Berlin, because Berlin sounds like a cool place. His favorite German word is Scheisse.



To Neville, Greece is a craphole. He  dislikes Greece almost as much as he hates Sweden. He dislikes the fact that it's full of drunken tourists and overly fanatic people who take too much pride on the overrated Greek history and stuff, which is totally stupid to Neville. If it's all Greek to Neville, Neville will burn it.



Neville is always Hungary. He is actually almost shaped like Hungary sometimes when he gets out of his Lava Lamp in the morning. He thinks that the language is very weird but he loves it nonetheless. He doesn't know much else about Hungary but he says in 2016 he will finally go to Hungary.



Neville laughs at some British people who think Iceland is a shop. Iceland to Neville is a majestic country of beautiful scenery, language, history and women. Even though the entire population is smaller than some major cities in the UK, he upholds Iceland with the mos respect due to its language and awesome flag.



Ireland is a plain place for Neville. he doesn't remember much about his visit there and thinks that its use of Euro is strange. Neville likes the sound of the Irish Tin Whistle and had lessons before. The only thing he hates Ireland for is because of Jedward, twins who are the worst people on the planet who are very annoying and even Satan would reject them from hell because the suck so much.



While Neville loves Italian food, the traditional music and scenery, he is somewhat prejudiced against some Italian people as they plagiarized his artwork on Italian wikipedia and didn't give credit for it. Even though his artwork is shitty, Neville despises plagiarism and so this changed his view on Italy a bit in the last few months.



Neville acknowledges Kosovo's independence from Serbia. He has never been there, but he thinks the yellow should be brighter on the flag because the dull shade reminds him of squid diarrhea.



"Lol where the hell is Latvia", answered Neville after being asked about Latvia.



Neville thinks that the country's name is genius and it is indeed a cute country wedged between Austria and Switzerland. He thinks that the national anthem should get its own tune though. He likes that little crown on their flag as well.



Lithuania to Neville is an underrated country and people shuold go there more according to him. He thinks the language is nice and the music scene is innovative and new to him. Vilnius is his favorite city in Eastern Europe and he once dated a Lithuanian dude named Andrius and his sister Svajune at the same time, which was awesome.



Neville likes Luxembourg because they are good at the Eurovision Song Contest. Neville longs for the day Luxembourg will return to it. He likes their language and the capital city which is also Luxembourg. Although, Neville thinks that Luxembourg's flag is too similar to the Netherlands' flag.



Neville calls Macedonia's flag the Ventilator because it looks like a fan and not a sun. When he rules the universe all ventilator fans will look like the flag of Macedonia, as he proclaimed in 1996. Otherwise, it's a nice country to him and he likes the weather there.



Neville's roommate in college was from Malta, so he has been there a few times. He likes Malta because Maltesers are a tasty snack. Maltese dogs are incredibly cute (and tasty) in his opinion as well so he enjoys his trips to Malta.



Neville doesn't know much about Moldova, but the things he does know go against his view of it. First of all, they speak Romanian which he hates. Next, the flag is a rip-off of the glorious Andorran one, and it doesn't even have any cows, just a lame bird thing. Thus, Neville doesn't really want to go the Moldova.



Neville is indifferent to Monaco. He says it sounds like some kind of Tahitian province, and probably isn't in Europe. Much rage is also stemmed from likeness of its flag to the flag of Poland and Indonesia, although he admits the dimensions of the Monagesque Flag are much more pleasant.



Neville finds Montenegro an underrated country and loves it a lot. Montenegro to him is a great country of wonderful sights and food, and he enjoys his visits there when he goes. The only problem he has with it is that it's the same name of the boating company Maria Velarosa De la Cruz Dolores Santiago II worked for in the past, so he gets mixed up a lot.

The Netherlands


Neville likes the Netherlands and after going there his views changed from Tulip eating stoners to Frites eating stoners. He commends the Netherlands for spawning an actually entertaining talent competition that has actual standards and talented people. His favorite Dutch singer is Sieneke, while his favorite place to get food is Maneken Pis. When he goes there nobody "dies" but everybody rather "dijs".  He also recently found out that they make tasty candy called "drop' which at first to him sounded like it was candy made out of fecal matter, but after seeing it he bought a million packets because of their tastiness.



Neville loves Norway and its people as it is an overwhelmingly lovely place. However, the country's food is his kryptonite and so when he visits he must eat at McDonald's or else he will be weakened and harmed. He doesn't eat at Burger King there because he hates Burger King, so McDonalds is his last resort.



Neville likes the Polish language, but he gave up learning it because of all the conszczonantczsz and Neville needs a steady diet of vowels as well. Also he thinks that the Polish dubs of "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" are the highest quality foreign dubs of any cartoon ever.



Neville likes Portugal because Portuguese is a cool language and its flag is pretty. He finds Portuguese people tasty and instead of having a traditional bird like Turkey or Chicken at Christmas, he opts for a Portugoose. He loves Portugal very much and prefers to go there rather than Spain. He finds bespectacled Portuguese people very attractive as well.



"Screw Romania" said Neville upon an interview once. "I dislike this country for some reason and I might actually hate it more than Sweden. It is overrated." Neville then proceeded to storm off to catch a plane to Bucharest so he could bring mass destruction there.



Neville has mixed feelings about Russia. While he finds the history interesting, the language nice and the national anthem amazing, he just doesn't trust it anymore as he used to and prays for the revival of Zombie Stalin to guide it into a new country of zombified communists.

San Marino


Neville is a huge fan of San Marino. It is a beautiful place for him and he enjoys his time there. It is perhaps his favorite European country. His favorite singer from San Marino is Valentina Monetta, because she is the only one in there. With a population that can fit inside one soccer stadium, Neville wears a mask when he goes here so he doesn't kill anyone.



To Neville, Serbia is a cool place because he studied in Belgrade, the capital city. He never goes hungry in Serbia as Serbian food is delicious to him. He likes to go there frequently and masquerade as the biggest Britney Spears fan in Serbia, even though he is indifferent to her.



Neville likes Slovakia and Slovenia equally for they are awesome countries. However due to the flags and names, he gets confused a lot. Slovakia is home to the biggest fanbase of Neville's band, Hardcore Marijuana Euthanasia, so he visits there often for gigs at children's parties.



Slovenia is a cute country to Neville as it is small and has a population of about 2 million. He likes watching their television as it is much more entertaining than French television. Neville has published two books all about Slovenia in hsi writing career, titled "The Art of Condensation" and "How to Put on Contact Lenses".



Neville once was the King of Spain, now he eats humble pie. He likes Spanish as a language and also thinks that Spain is too overcrowded with British tourists. He thinks that there are no such things are hipsters in Spain as well. He finds Spanish ballads extremely overrated and pretentious but only in Eurovision.



Neville's number 1 country to destroy, Sweden is his most hated country except maybe Romania. He hates Sweden because Sweden. Also, it is the birthplace of IKEA, the store that sells furniture designed to be a pain to assemble as well as being pretentious and a magnet for feet to be bashed upon accidentally. He also hates Sweden because PewDiePie is overrated and annoying.



Neville feels right at home in Switzerland because they are all rich bastards armed with dangerous weapons who are also extremely nice. He finds Switzerland to be a scenic country and its cheese is delicious. He likes everything about Switzerland; the food and people, and the flag is a big plus too.



Turkey is what Neville says is a pleasant country slowly cooking to be eaten one day as the world's largest Thanksgiving dinner that could end world hunger. Turkey is a country full of fun activities that he enjoys, such as being in the sun. When Neville visits Turkey, he constantly drinks too much Red Bull which he smuggles inside his luggage.



The Ukrainian flag is a wonderful design to Neville. Also his friend Tally who has split personality and changes from happy moaning big nosed bitch to happy big nosed swan who moans is from there. All of his taxi cab drivers are from the Ukraine so this place is dear to him.

The United Kingdom


Neville dislikes British tourists and chavs, but he likes the comedy of Frankie Boyle, because it is very offensive. He likes going out for a chippy at times and laughs at the way northerners talk because they like t' go t' pub, luv. He dislikes the television there because it's boring and the only non-boring show, Friends was cut off from E4. He thinks the BBC don't try hard enough at Eurovision, especially in 2012 when they sent Engelbert Humperdinck, the very same man who sang a song about a lesbian seagull.

The Vatican City


Neville thinks that the Vatican City is a wonderful sight and the architecture is fantastic. Neville almost fainted at all the great architecture and was deemed unholy by the Pope at the time, whose name was Ferguson and was a ninja. However he was not banned and he and Ferguson now do ninja stuff sometimes when he's in the area.


Country Opinion



Neville doesn't like the shade of green on Afghanistan's flag. It just doesn't compliment the red or black that well.



Neville first thought that Armenia was a disease that affected the area between the shoulder and the wrist. However, he appreciates this country in the fact that the flag is pretty neat, especially the orange at the bottom.



Neville likes going to the land of the fiyah to take pictures of the cool architecture in Baku, the capital city. However he thinks that Azerbaijan is extremely overrated in the Eurovision Song Contest, even though that Azerbaijan is in Asia.



This is Neville's answer when he looks out of the window and the weather is bad.



Neville likes this country as its name sounds like onomatopoeia for a set of drums on acid. The flag is pretty cool too and he likes some of the natural sights there. Neville also is campaigning for the conservation of Bengal Tigers so they may flourish again in the wild and it would be legal to eat them again.



Neville thinks Bhutan is just amazing. From the music which is so bad, it's good, the way that the national language is Dzongkha (which may or not be able to be expanded) and to the flag. It has a Thunder Dragon. Named Druk. Holding balls.



Neville loves the shade of yellow on Brunei's flag. He also insists that there is a floating mustache on it, if you look closely enough. He went there only once and for the most part he thought it was quite pretty. It was only for a day, though.



To Neville, Cambodia is Cambodia. Nothing more, nothing less.



Neville loves Chinese traditional music and squees whenever he hears an Erhu being played. He cannot speak Chinese but one of his favorite songs is the Mandarin version of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Disney's Mulan. The Mandarin version in particular was sung by Jackie Chan, who Neville admits has a lovely singing voice.



Neville can't read the Georgian alphabet which is crazy to him. He enjoys its flag as it is a much fancier version of the flag of England. While he likes the flag, he doesn't care for the television there. For example, he was offended at the Georgian game show, "Women Logic" which was very offensive.



Neville likes India. He has tried to help out the country in the past by killing all the stray monkeys terrorizing the people in certain cities. He also took a holiday to the Taj Mahal which he liked. He loves Indian food and gives him temporary super flatulence powers, similar to food from Mexico.



Neville hates Indonesia's flag for being a rip-off the Monegasque one, as well as being an upside-down Poland. He is currently a big fan of Indonesian music, especially of Gita Gutawa, whose voice can break glass because it is so high. This connects with Neville because he also likes to be so high. He also moved to Indonesia once and can speak Indonesian Bahasa. This is his less preferred language to Kyrgyz.



This is Neville's answer to "What would you do if you were a fridge?"



Neville doesn't like Iraq's flag as it's just Yemen's but with green writing on. He is indifferent to this country though, although he has heard a lot of stories about Saddam Hussein being Satan's lover through a specific cartoon show.



Neville really likes Israeli music and he listens to it a lot. He thinks that Hebrew is pretty cool for a language and the flag is extremely pretty. When he visits Israel, he drinks Pepsi only as an act of self-discipline.



Neville loves Japan because it is so wacky. he loves eating Japanese products like Pet Sweat, Curry flavored lemonade and Horse-flavored ice cream. The game shows in Japan are among Neville's favorites, especially Takeshi's Castle. He likes anime and manga but he cannot be bothered to learn Japanese.



"Jordan? Oh, that guy that lives down the street. What, it's a country?!" Said Neville upon being asked about Jordan, translated from the Kyrgyz.



Neville gets his potassium from Kazakhstan, as it is the number-one exporter of potassium. All the other countries have inferior potassium. Also, Kazakhstan is a brick.

North Korea


Neville loves North Korean music. His band even covers North Korean songs, of which his favorite is called "Thank you, Comrade, Kim Jong Il!" While he doesn't really like the way North Korea is run, he loves the music nonetheless. His favorite North Korean singer is Ri Kyong Suk.

South Korea


Neville really hates KPOP and thinks that all South Koreans are people who mine minerals for Starcraft which they play 24/7. Of course, this is not true, as they also have Samsung. He likes Samsung, but that KPOP though. He hates it.



At first, Neville didn't like Kuwait. The last 4 letters were his least favorite verb to execute. However, once visiting, he found it okay and would like to return for another experience.



As his birth place, Neville loves Kyrgyzstan. He speaks in Kyrgyz primarily and visits often to see his parents, Mr. Bob Deathbringer and Mrs. Patrice Deathbringer. He loves its flag, which is a flaming tennis ball. Even though he doesn't care for tennis, Neville loves his country dearly.



Neville thinks that Laos' flag is one of the most pretty and has wonderful symbolism, being the moon's reflection in the Mekong River. He loves going to Laos on holidays although he gets annoyed at some people and television programs for thinking that Laos is next to the ocean when it is actually landlocked.



When Neville is to punish someone in a website for misbehaving, he hands them the flag of Lebanon, as it is Le Ban On that person. He thinks the tree is pretty good looking on its flag and while he doesn't really go there often, he finds it alright.



Neville is scared of boarding Malaysian planes for some reason.

The Maldives


Neville's opinion on this country is currently unknown. It is not known whether he likes it, or even if it exists or not.



Neville got down to business to defeat the Huns, which were from Mongolia, even though they weren't called Huns, but rather the Xiongu. He does like Mongolian barbecue though. Also Mongolians are badasses that train hawks.



Neville thinks Myanmar's flag is just a rearranged Lithuanian one in terms of stripes with a white Star. He also refers to it as Burma because apparently the names are interchangeable. He doesn't know if he likes the country or dislikes it.



One of Neville's favorite flags is the Nepalese one. He says that if you squint, the flag is actually the head of a monster and that the groove to the right is actually the mouth. He stays weary of any Nepalese flags in case they decide to come to life and threaten him.



While also being something that Swiper the Fox says when he fails, Oman is also a country. Neville really likes Oman for its scenery and people, which he thinks are really cool. He likes to use the country's name as an expression as well.



Neville's main problem with Pakistan is the fact that the star and moon on the flag are impossible as the moon would cut out the star in real life from a viewpoint on Earth. However he admits it's a nice flag.

The Philippines


Neville thinks that the Philippines is full of very weird and bad food like Balut and Bopis. He does like Taho, Jollibee and Halo-Halo though. Only blind paraplegic nuns from this country can survive Neville's stare. Therefore, he has a lot of respect for this place.



Neville misheard our question while interviewing him due to the interviewer's thick accent. As such, he replied that Qatar wasn't a six-stringed musical instrument.

Saudi Arabia


Neville likes the sword on Saudi Arabia's flag. He doesn't seem to like his country much and has only visited twice. The flag is pretty cool to him though.



Neville shook his head at how the impossible moon-star design on the flag would be in real life just like in his opinion to Pakistan. He also didn't like the use of Indonesia's flag here, and the fact that chewing gum is apparently banned here. Neville spent part of his studies in Singapore where he temporarily joined the Salvation Army.

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's flag has a lion holding a sword. Neville admits that's pretty badass. However, there is too much going on the flag so it puts the coolness factor down by just a bit.



Neville's opinion on Syria is unknown as of present.



Neville likes Taiwan as it has many weird products and things which he finds amusing. He thinks Taiwanese billboard advertisements are also quite hilarious.



Neville neglects Tajikistan most out of the "Stan" countries. He doesn't really mind it and has only been once. He doesn't really know much about the country and hopes to go more often. He does comment that the yellow symbol in the middle of the flag blends in with the white too much and from far away it looks like the Flag of Hungary.



Neville likes Thailand for the most part and enjoys Thai food, but there was one incident with a friend of his, called Paul from Thailand who was very annoying. He loves Thai scenery though, and has pictures of the nature all around his wall.



Since learning more about Latvia from his last interview, Timor Leste is Neville's new Latvia. He seriously knows nothing of it or where it even is.



Neville was tricked into calling this country "Twerkmenistan" once as he was told Miley Cyrus lived in it. However, aside from this he finds Turkmenistan pretty cool. The flag is pretty weird though. He laughs at its last dictator who died in 2006 who did a lot of crazy stuff like changing the word for "bread" to his mother's name and building an ice palace, in Turkmenistan which is a desert country.

United Arab Emirates


Neville went to Dubai and loved the cities. He loves going here because it's quite a lot of fun and the place seems very nice. He thinks it's a tad warm but he doesn't really mind.



Uzbekistan is Neville's 2nd favorite "Stan" country as it has cool music. He doesn't know much else about it though. his favorite singer from Uzbekistan is called Sogdiana who is insanely pretty and very pretty.



Neville once tried a dish in Vietnam which was just duck's blood in a bowl. It was disgusting and almost made him as sick as he was with Norwegian food. It is said that he hid in the Sơn Đoòng Cave for many years during his big hibernation. He likes Vietnamese language, too, even though it's ridiculous to him that every word is literally limited to one syllable.



Neville went to Socotra in Yemen and was amazed by the awesome scenery and weird alien-looking plants there. He has not visited Yemen since, but along with Oman, he uses the country's name as an expression.

The Poles

Pole Opinion

The North Pole


Neville knows of two North Poles. One is the mass of ice at the top of the world where Santa Claus reportedly lives and is a mysterious place for Neville. The other is Mike, who is from Poland. He lives just north of Neville's house.

South Pole


The South Pole is a lovely place of pure snow that Neville loves. He believes he camouflages well in the ice and snow and loves to look at all the little Emperor Penguins hopping around being cute and tasty. The vast expanse of white and silence as well as the general sights that can be seen makes the Antarctica one of Neville's favorite places.



  • Neville brings death to everyone.
  • His middle name is Francis.
  • His favorite movie is Hot Fuzz
  • When he goes to Norway he eats at McDonald's only.
  • Neville sleeps in Lava Lamps rather than beds.
  • Neville gets high on Mountain Dew frequently.
  • Neville is the lead singer in his own band, named "Hardcore Marijuana Euthanasia". They play children's music at birthday parties.
  • Neville loves Belarus and has it deep inside.
  • He is mad at the British Channel, E4 for cutting the show Friends from their programming.
  • When he visits Djibouti, he eats contact lenses.


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